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Everything You Need to Know About Growing Basil

Basil is a herb which you can plant in your kitchen garden. The fragrance of the herb not only is good but beneficial for the health too. Did you know that Basil is a herb which has around 100 health benefits? The herb is used all across the world in various cultures, and in some cultures, it is worshipped. Even the flower of Basil has many medicinal uses. Here are some useful home preparations of Basil to improve health. Basil Tea – Boil Basil leaves in water and strain the…

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Interesting Facts and Information about Himalaya Mountain Range

Travelling back to the Himalayas has always been a huge dream of mine, and I was rather excited to finally able to make the plans and finalize the details. There was some time in the middle, when I thought I would not be able to go due to sudden financial troubles, but 5 minutes with the wonderful folk , and I was back on my feet again. Himalayas, here I come well hopefully, if the blockade continues the money will go to a Canadian Rockie trip,, just as exciting. The…

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