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Cancer Free Celebration Ideas

Hearing from your doctor for the first time that you have cancer would have to be the worst moment of your life. Conversely, when that same doctor tells you that you are in remission or even cancer free there is an elation that washes over your whole body like you have never felt before. But you are forever part of a cancer community, you are uniquely empathetic to other sufferers and can understand and sympathise with their struggle. So I have been thinking that there could be no better way to celebrate being cancer free than to throw a party and raise money for cancer councils. The rest of this post is going to centre on cancer free celebration ideas.

  • You have made it through endless treatments and come out the other end relatively unscathed so why not throw a Bald and Beautiful party. Invite your friends, relatives and neighbourhood to come round to your place and donate money to be part of the biggest gathering of bald and beautiful people ever!


  • Throw a cancer sucks party where the guests get their very own lollipop.


  • If you are a survivor of Breast Cancer why not get together with 100 or so of your closest female friends and treat yourselves to a few naughty booby cakes and some strippers. When it comes to cancer free celebration ideas the options are endless, but the point is to invite as many people as possible to raise funds for cancer research and to bring hope to those still affected by this horrible disease. And don’t forget you have a cancer free anniversary every year so your options are really endless when it comes to party planning.

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