Copper Charged Water for Health

Clean and safe water free of microbial presence is a concern worldwide. Especially in developing countries getting clean drinking water is still a major problem. Science has provided some purifying methods, but most of them are too expensive and depend on electricity which is scarcely found in villages in developing and under-developed nations. Vibrio Cholerae is one of the most common microbial present in water. This pathogen causes diarrhoea and is the reason for mortality in children in developing nations. A recent research has proved that water stored in copper vessels helps to get rid of micro-organisms which are not healthy. This problem of getting pure drinking water can be solved with Ayurveda. Ayurveda recommends drinking jal kept in a copper vessel for one-third of a day i.e. 8 hours. This is known as Tamara jal (Copper charged water).

The Tamara Jal is formed by minute amounts of copper dissolving in the water, thus lending positive properties. The pH of the water is slightly increased which results in the environment being unsuitable for pathogen growth. Also the water can be stored for a long period of time without it getting stale. Drinking this water can be very beneficial for a person’s health. Here are some benefits of drinking this Tamara Jal.

Helps to improve the performance of digestive system – Acidity and indigestion are common ailments in this age of pollution. Here is where the jal kept in copper -vessel helps. It helps to start peristalsis of stomach helping the food to get digested better. The other benefits to the stomach are copper’s ability to kill germs and reduce inflammation. This acts as a remedy for stomach ulcers and infections along with indigestion. As per the Ayurvedic texts, one should drink one litre of copper-charged water early morning on empty stomach for detoxification of stomach.

Helps in weight Loss – Simply drinking water stored overnight in copper-utensils can help reduce weight. This not only helps improve digestion but breaks down fat thus helping to get rid of unnecessary fat, making the body leaner and healthier. It also aids in the elimination of other toxic substances in the body, thus helping the kidneys and liver to perform better.

Keeps us Young – Copper has the unique property of reducing free radicals which are responsible for ageing. The anti-oxidants in the metal help reduce the free radicals and also help in regeneration of new skin cells. A beauty product with a difference!

Strengthens the immune system – Better digestion and detoxification aid the body immune system making it stronger. This is an indirect benefit of drinking water kept in copper-vessels. It also has anti-inflammatory property which helps to heal wounds and cuts quicker.

Regulates Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – Copper removes plaque from blood vessels helping the blood to flow easily and prevents blockages. The natural property of breaking fat cells is the reason behind this happening. Better and unheralded blood flow also helps to control blood pressure.

There are many other benefits of copper like it being anti-cancer or regulating the thyroid gland. These things have not yet been proven clinically but there is no denying the fact that water kept in a vessel made of copper is beneficial for health.

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