How to Perform Enema for First Timers?

If you are suffering from severe constipation, then enema is the answer. It is a liquid treatment which triggers a bowel movement. There are two major types of enemas:

1. Cleansing enema- This one is a gentle type of enema. You are required to hold in the solution for a short period of time, or just enough to stimulate a bowel movement. This type of enema gently flushes out the colon by eliminating the fecal matter along with the water.

2. Retention enema- A retention enema is just the opposite of a cleansing enema. It is meant to be held in for longer so that the colon could absorb the solution. The time duration for which you need to hold in this enema ranges from a few minutes to a few hours.

Though the entire enema procedure may seem daunting at first, it is fairly easy to perform on your own.

1. Take out a few hours from your day- An enema is a time-consuming process, so it is best to perform it on a day when you don’t have much to do, or when you are not planning to go out immediately.

2. Get some towels and lubricant- Keep some old towels to lie down on and to place under your head. Also, use some lubricant (Vaseline or coconut oil) to apply on your rear area before inserting the enema nozzle.

3. Fill your enema bag- Make sure to use warm water to fill up the bag. Keep the clamp shut while pouring the water into the bag. Then open the hose allow some water to flow out. This will help get rid of the air bubbles.

4. Lay down somewhere near to the bathroom- You should find a spot which is big enough for you to lie down comfortably.

5. Lubricate the enema nozzle- Apply your chosen lubricant on the enema nozzle.

6. Insert the nozzle into the rectum- Make sure not to insert the enema nozzle not more than 3 inches up your rectum. The insertion should not be painful at all. If you feel any pain, do not proceed.

7. Once the nozzle is in, open the clamp- It is totally up to you how much solution you want to administer.

8. Remove the nozzle and wait- The secret to a successful enema is to keep the solution in for the stipulated time. Depending on the type of enema, it may vary from five minutes to several minutes.

9. Release- This is the part where you release all the fecal matter and the solution in the toilet.

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