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Is There Any Non-Surgical Way to Fix Crooked Nose?

A crooked nose is a clinical condition that shows the deviation of the nasal bridge from the median line. It can be C-shaped or S-shaped or completely displaced to another side.

It can be straightened with a nonsurgical treatment called rhinoplasty.

Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty

It’s actually a cosmetic procedure that can help in straightening the bridge of your nose using dermal fillers. It’s an injectable treatment, which is often known as a liquid nose job or a non-invasive nose job.

How is Rhinoplasty Different from Surgical Treatments?

If you compare rhinoplasty with surgical treatments, you find certain limitations. For instance, your nose cannot be shortened. In addition, its result lasts for up to six months only. However, dermal fillers are really effective in straightening the bump on the bridge and changing its characteristics without any cut.

Simply put, nonsurgical treatment is excellent if you want a few changes to your nose shape. Take into account that it won’t show any dramatic difference. But yes, the change is pronounced. For a big change, you need to prefer a traditional nose job whose results are long-lasting also.

In the nutshell, this treatment may be the best-fit one for you if your case is any of these:

  • Want to enhance the tip of your nose
  • Straighten a slightly deviated nose bridge
  • Require adding more volumes to your nose
  • Smoothen & camouflage the bump or lump on your nose bridge

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Cannot Shorten/Narrow Nose

The non-invasive nose job can help you to add volume to your nose. But, you cannot make it look smaller.

There is a myth associated with a nonsurgical nose job. It is regarding the large size. People believe that dermal fillers make it look super large. But, it’s not true. If done correctly, your nose looks more symmetrical and balanced with the entire facial features.

Likewise, this cosmetic treatment cannot make it appear narrower. However, you can see the bumps disappear, making it look straighter and better. 

Pre-Procedure Treatment

Many patients are really concerned to know what happens before this injectable treatment.

Here is the answer.

You need to meet your doctor or aesthetic doctor. This meeting is organized for consultation. It can be called a pre-procedure wherein you have to discuss your expectations or beauty goals. It can be like what your concern is and how to improve it.

It should be kept in mind that it’s not a good-fit option for all candidates. To discover if you are an ideal candidate for it, openly talk with your doctor. It can help you find whether or not it’s right for you. 

Expectations and Results

As aforesaid, this surgery does not cause any cut. Dermal fillers are penetrated to reshape your asymmetrical nose bridge. These Injectables have a gel-like ingredient, which generally contains hyaluronic acid. This magical Injectable is usually used to add volume because of its unprecedented capacity of retaining water. It is injected just beneath your skin.

It is a must to consult with a certified and licenced aesthetic medicine practitioner. Doing this can help you to achieve your desired beauty goals. Besides, it stays there for up to six months and can be more if you religiously take follow-up treatments.

Rhinoplasty- How is It Actually Performed?

It all starts with a topical anesthetic, which your healthcare provider applies to your nose. It temporarily makes the surface senseless. Then, the dermal filler is injected into specific points on your nose. Over a few weeks, it shows complete results.

There is another injectable that can be used, which is called botulinum toxin or Botox. It’s up to the doctor to decide which one is the best-fit injectable to achieve desirable results. 

As the procedure is going on, you might feel like being pinched. It’s like a stinging sensation.

These all things take nearly 45 minutes or less.

Post Rhinoplasty

As it’s done, you see minor redness or feel sensitivity in the treated nose area. These effects are absolutely normal and heal within 2 or three days. Because people have different levels of sensitivity, there may be some more side effects that are commonly observed.

The following effects may also appear:

  • Bruising
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Migration (in case the injectable passes to other areas)

Final Result of Rhinoplasty

One substantial and soothing thing associated with this non-invasive nose remodeling is that does not involve any cuts, as happens in plastic surgery. You get results together with these benefits:

  • You get no scars or incisions.
  • It takes less than an hour for treatment.
  • It does not require downtime for results. 
  • The difference is visible straight away.

How Safe is This Treatment?

There is no procedure without any risk. This can be sensitive non-surgical nose remodeling. The nose is close to the eyes where vascular vessels are present. A little mistake can make cost you life-threatening conditions. Simply put, it’s really technical and must be done by a certified professional who has hands-on experience in carrying it out. His experience can help in getting out of any threatening conditions. You, as a patient, can also analyse the significance of this fact once got your nose job done.

There may be some potential problems, such as:

  • Fever
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Vascular problems
  • Tissue necrosis (death)
  • Severe redness or swelling

However, this procedure does not involve any downtime. It means that you can get back to your routine life straightaway after straightening of your crooked nose.

But, it is necessary to take care of some instructions. The doctor gives them for preventing any side effects.

How Long Does a Nonsurgical Nose Job Result Last?

It is commonly observed that nonsurgical treatment lasts about six months. But, this time period can be longer, which completely depends on your lifestyle and the type of dermal filler used.

Is It Worthy investing in a Non-Invasive Nose Job?

Well, it’s up to you and your cosmetic goals can tell better. If you want some minor changes and don’t want to go for surgical treatment, this option is excellent. But, this is not a permanent solution-just keep it in your mind.

There is another goal, which is to have a smaller nose. It cannot be achieved with this treatment. Dermal fillers or botox can make minor changes. If you want to reshape it completely, traditional rhinoplasty is the best treatment.

In What Condition Should You Call the Doctor?

This is the case of post-procedure when you see some severe side effects. You should immediately call the doctor if you see any of these side effects:

  • Fever
  • Blurred vision
  • An allergic reaction, such as hives
  • Redness or swelling that continues to worsen after two-three days

You may contact the 30+ years’ experienced doctor at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta to discover pros, cons, and associated risks with this nose remodeling procedure.


Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic treatment for crooked nose or nose remodeling. It helps in achieving aesthetic results associated with your nose. This treatment involves dermal fillers, and Botox in a few cases. These Injectables are injected to smoothen and straighten the bridge of your nose.

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