Patella Tendonitis Treatment At Sports Physiotherapy

Knee injuries are a frequent situation that athletes come into Sports rehabilitation in order to gain recovery and restoration of athletic amplitude. In order for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis of a knee injury, they must pay attention to your symptoms, the cause of the injury, and suggest the appropriate treatment plan for sports therapy. During the recovery stage a knee brace is necessary to stabilize the knee and its joints. By reducing the movement of the knee, this will allow the athlete to begin activity safely to bring them back into sports shape. One of the most dangerous injuries while occurs is patellar tendonitis.

One sample brace used in sports physical therapy is the patella stabilizer. The patella stabilizer is a knee sleeve type of brace. In physical therapy, a diagnosed patella stabilizer comes in many different forms, but they all have one specific characteristic in common. When used in  Physio Wellness Physiotherapy , it works to help stabilize the patella, preventing excessive motion. Too much motion from the knee causing aggravation and slow down the sports rehabilitation process. The patella stabilizers are usually used in sports therapy for athletes with patella femoral compression syndrome. These braces are are made of neoprene, and have a small hole in the middle where the patella sits. The small hole serves two purposes, the first purpose is for the Physical Therapist to be able to quickly examine and monitor the recovery process without completely removing the brace. The second reason is to simply rest the patella while the athlete is not motion. Most of these braces have a small pad on the lateral side of the brace, which may be in the shape of a “J”. The padding surrounds the patella, and helps buttress it from the outside, keeping it from moving too far lateral.

Noida Physical Therapist would make any adjustments necessary to readjust the brace to reduce swelling and allow for the individual to move around. The patella stabilizer braces should be tightly fitted but comfortable both at the top and bottom of the brace. If it is not so tightly fitted the brace would slip during activity. Some come with straps to help adjust tension. During Physical therapy the straps and tension level should remain constant during activity and rest time in order for the body to regain a habit for recovery. A patella stabilizer is best used for the assistance in treating patella femoral syndrome, and other patella tracking problems. However, the brace should only be part of the treatment during sports therapy. The physical therapist should also pay attention to any health issues while looking to increase the strength and flexibility .

With the reduction in athletic activity due to patellar injuries, Physio Wellness massage therapy is necessary for the recovery process. Physio Wellness massage therapy will enable the comfort and increase blood flow to the body part not gaining enough exercise during the injury of the athlete. A injury occurs from overuse of the body, during sports rehabilitation sometimes athletes fall into the category of underuse. Along with Physio Wellness massage therapy, an acupuncturist is nearby for the nerve ending injuries that occur with patellar tendonitis. NJ acupuncture help with the muscles surrounding the kneecap and shin bone which the injury occur.

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