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Guest Post Submission ( Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight loss & Lifestyle)

Health Yoga journal is a community blogger where we allow everyone to submitted there Guest article and become part of it.

Are you looking for a place to share your ideas, opinions, and expertise with the world? Well, you’ve landed on the right planet for that! We are looking for quality writers who have the skills to move their readers with their words and ideas. Here are a few more reasons you’d want to become a part of this emerging planet.

Promote Your Brand and Write For Us

Many of our writers join this community to promote their business or brand. We allow you to add an author bio that appears below your article. In the author bio, you are free to include a link that leads to your business’s official website or your personal social media profiles.

Reach Out to Your Potential Audience

If you wish to share your story about your struggles in life, or how you helped your business turn into an overnight sensation, we have the right readers for you. Not only will you receive a load of readers on your article, but you may also get the opportunity of a lifetime to become a recognized content producer.

We Value You

We treat all our writers equally and appreciate your effort to contribute on this planet. In return, we are dedicated to approving your work as much as we can. We make sure that our representatives are always connected with you and provide you with updates regarding your article.

Join Us as a Regular Contributor

On Stabene, we are more interested in having those writers who are willing to remain our regular contributors. We allow all our regular contributors to submit content frequently and whenever they feel like it.

What We’re Looking For

Almost Anything! Yes, you heard that right! We accept content in any form, and on any one of our listed categories. Whether you are a sports analysist or a successful entrepreneur, you share your thoughts and ideas with us. However, if you wish to avoid getting your post rejected without even us going through it, don’t provide us content related to the following topics.

  1. Pornography
  2. Censorship
  3. Tips on how to get past copyright laws
  4. Sexual product promotions
  5. Or anything we believe isn’t suitable for the potential audience of Stabene

Content Guidelines

Yes, we do look for a few pointers in content before actually approving it. Here a checklist that you should go through before sending us your next piece.

• Title must be Compelling

• Intro should be Impressive

• please check your content Plagiarism before submitting it to our website

• Content must not be spammy

• Post word count of 1000 words or more. (We do accept shorter formats as well, considering the type of content and topic) •

Well formatted •

Error-free content. We receive a lot of submissions, and if a piece has too many errors we won’t bother to go through it, and you’ll be asked to review it.

Conquer the Planet

On the Stabene there is only one king, and that is content. If you want to get featured as our top contributor, all you have to do is submit as much content as you can. However, that doesn’t mean that’ll we’ll approve every piece you send. Quality is our top Priority!

To start your journey kindly email us a few topics that you’d like to write on. You can contact us on the following address:

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