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How to stay healthy and young

How to Stay Healthy and Young?

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and young forever? But we cannot stop the clock. What we can do is fight the signs of aging and stay healthy and stay young in our hearts. You see celebrities, and you wonder how they look so beautiful, healthy, and young even when they are in their 40s…

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How Watching News Channels Affects our Day-to-Day Life

Everyday exciting and moving things happens everywhere. In order to communicate these happening around the world, news channels were launched. They play an important part in our lives. People learn and influence by watching the news, reading newspapers and magazines, and listening to the radio. News channels are the best source to know about what’s…

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Yoga Teacher Training &; Yoga Instructor Course in Thailand

A Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand gives an absolute mixture of conventional teachings pervaded with the correct sources and aura to practice the art in its saint form. It experiences the cleansing ceremonies and practices for complete cleansing of the mind and body. Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand brings you onto the way of self-esteem…

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Gurupurnima and Guru Shishya Relationship: Why it’s still significant

Today is Guru Purnima, a festival and a day of tremendous spiritual importance to Hindus and Buddhists across the world. We, Indians, have always revered the relationship of knowledge sharing between Guru (teacher) and the Disciple (student). Guru Purnima’ is a famous festival of Hindus. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the…

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Does Repeated Scaling Damage Our Teeth?

Yes, repeated scaling can damage our teeth! Even though the procedure is advised by dentists to clean the teeth to keep oral complications away, doing it in excess is always harmful. With repeated scaling of teeth, there is always more chances of diseases and oral infections striking to the person undergoing the procedure. It’s also…

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Coffee Enema Procedure for Dummies

If you are a newcomer when it comes to coffee enema or you are looking forward to performing coffee enema for the very first time, follow the below-mentioned steps to make your first enema session an easy walk. The first step of performing a coffee enema is to prepare the coffee solution. For that, take…

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