5 Tips to Deal with Sleep Deprivation for Breastfeeding Mom

Having a good night’s sleep where you can close your eyes and can relax for 8 hours can be a distant fantasy for the new moms. Research has revealed that that over 75 percent of the mothers undergo frequent sleep issues in the initial phase after bringing their babies home.

None of these is news, by the way, for the newly turned parents. It is not so easy to care for the babies as well as the rest of the family if you are not able to sleep well at night. Studies have brought to light the fact that sleep deprived parents who drive their infants to the paediatrician are estimated to incur about 100,000 crashes ever year.

Moreover, a lack of proper amount of sleep can enhance the mom’s risk of postpartum mood issues. As sleeping is of crucial significance for you as well as for you baby here are some of the ways of how you can deal with sleep deprivation as a breastfeeding mom. Just take a look.

  • Talk about Your Needs Regarding Your Sleep – Prior to brining your baby to home talk about your sleep needs. You should discuss your issue of sleep deprivation with your partner once you get pregnant. This is an advice that is passed on from the mothers who have already gone through this. It is ideal to say early so that you can get help with your sleep with a babysitter or night nurse.
  • Have the Right Foods -For a number of moms having a full-time meal can seem like a distant dream. Mothers often grab on the sugary drinks that are not laden with the health benefits. But you are not going to be helped by sacrificing your own nutrition or by going for your sleep. That is why it is advisable that you choose some of the sleep-promoting, healthy snacks. This way you can do a favour to both your baby and you for sleeping well. The foods like bananas, kiwis and almonds are great as they are enriched with magnesium that promotes the calm and wellness feelings. Moreover, the potassium contained in them consists of some of the muscle relaxants as well.
  • Make Up for the Lost Sleep – You can compensate for your lost sleep to some extent by going for a short period of nap. Experts suggest that when a person who is long been sleep deprived, manages to get even some amount of shuteye it can make up for both the REM and deep sleep. During the lighter stage you will be able to catchup with the deeper REM sleep than the normal one. Sleeping during the weekends can be quite beneficial. But you should not let the slight siesta convert into a sleep binge. Overdoing on the sleep can give rise to a whole new cycle of sleep deprivation as you won’t be exhausted at bedtime then.
  • Create Great Sleeping Habits – You should help your child to sleep better at night by introducing the good sleeping habits early. During the daytime hours, try to keep them active. You should develop a bedtime routine and keep the room quite and dark at night. These habits assist your little bundle of joy to identify night-time as time for sleeping. As she starts to sleep better, you will also do the same. Consult with the paediatrician regarding these habits. Apart form your kid, it is essential that you, too, follow the good sleeping habits. You can make the most of the amount of time that you get to sleep by following the sleep hygiene techniques. Talk to your sleep specialist for these habits which will assist you to fall asleep faster and have more solid snoozing time even if the number of hours is limited.
  • Say Yes to Help – Try to accept any assistance that you can get. Many people deny help but a babysitter, family member or friend can all help you to get a few hours of sleep. People may think that sleeping is a luxury but rather it is a medical requirement. You should avoid looking at the clock or even watch television or listen to radio at your nap time. These will help you to sleep well. A dark and cool environment is what you should choose for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The above are some the ways as suggested by the reputed sleep specialist in Brooklyn so that breastfeeding moms can get some sleep at night so that they can look after their babies better.

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