7 Amazing Tips For Candid Wedding Photographers

7 Amazing Tips For Candid Wedding Photographers

“Don’t Shoot What It Looks Like, Shoot What It Feels Like.”

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Wedding photography has changed drastically over the last few years. Lining up in front of the camera is no more in demand. Nowadays, couples don’t want traditional or normal wedding pictures and look for realistic, candid shots full of emotions. However, candid photography is not as easy as it sounds. You need to hone the skills of capturing emotions without being noticed by the subject.

Candid photography is just not about capturing perfect moments; it’s all about framing the people’s real emotions. Apart from owning the best equipment, it is vital to learn the tactics of capturing candid wedding photographs. Here, we are going to share 7 incredible tips that will make it easier for you to capture fantastic candid shots.

  1. Avoid Flash Light

Using flashlights to capture candid wedding pictures is a bad idea. First, it gets people to notice you, and secondly, the flashlight steals the natural beauty from the pics. However, if you are shooting in a low light location and want to brighten up the scene, it would be better to increase ISO and decrease shutter speed. Undoubtedly, it will introduce a bit of noise in your clicks. But that can be eliminated in post-processing with editing software.

  • Use Long Zoom

Candid photography is all about creating a natural look in the pics, which cannot be achieved without using zoom lenses. If you have a telephoto lens, your subject will not be aware that you are shooting them. Put simply; they will seem more natural as well as relaxed in the shots. However, it is pivotal to capture the real essence of the moment.

  • Be Conscious

Consciousness is critical in capturing candid wedding shots. The reason is that you will not get a second chance to shoot a perfect moment. Keep your mind calm and be observant. Also, hold your camera in your hand at all times and make sure its shutter speed and aperture are set properly so that you never miss the most important moments.

  • Focus On Composition

The most renowned wedding photographers of Somerset, Bristol and other parts of England focus on composition to get the best candid wedding pics. If you also want to capture stunning candid photos, don’t ignore the composition. It helps to convert the picture into a storytelling format. Composition is about how the elements are arranged in the frame. A good composition can make a picture more interesting. So hone it to stay ahead of your competitors. You can go with mobile phone photography in the beginning to enhance your composition skills.

  • Don’t Miss The Right Moment

Be attentive and always keep your eyes open to anticipate the right moment. Try to inject extreme feelings into your shots. Capture the people laughing, crying, gossiping, enjoying food. Don’t forget to click pictures of the bride getting ready, hugging her mother and enjoying with her friends. These are some of the moments that are remembered for years after marriage.

  • Use Quality Equipments & Know Them Well

Invest in quality photography equipment and learn how to use them appropriately. Although the HD DSLR is pretty helpful in capturing most pictures, it would be good to have a small camera to shoot some candid shots. Nowadays, many mirrorless cameras are available in the market to make candid photography more unobtrusive. If your budget is not tight, you can also try them.

  • Don’t Hassle To Take Lots Of Pics

Undoubtedly, the more shots you take, the better the chances of capturing spontaneous interaction on the wedding day will be better. It would help in framing a range of emotions and the unforgettable moments of the day.

In Final Words-:

Candid photography is different from shooting staged scenes and poses. You need to hone the skills of photographing the subject without getting noticed. You can consider the above tips in your next wedding project to capture real emotions.

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