Best Ways to Use PEMF Therapy

7 Best Ways to Use PEMF Therapy To Heal Your Body

The body’s natural programming is to heal itself and have balanced energy when connected to the earth’s frequencies. All animals, including humans, depend on the earth’s frequencies for survival. The Electromagnetic Field energy (EMF), which we receive from our mobile phones, computers, screens, microwaves, and other appliances, can negatively impact the body’s natural healing abilities.

Because PEMFs have a therapeutic frequency that is very similar to natural frequencies, your body can handle them. PEMF maintenance and treatments fall within the 5–30 Hz frequency range. This is lower than the Hz that you get from a thunderstorm. PEMF therapy has many benefits, including strengthening the immune system and improving cell health. To recover from space-related injuries, astronauts resort to PEMF therapy.

Programmable PEMF pads or mats can be used to achieve PEMF therapy. Let’s explore the benefits of PEMF therapy and our therapy experience using PEMF mats to understand it better.

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy delivers low-level magnetic radiation directly to the body through the skin. It is a magnetic resonance that mimics 7.8 HZ, which acts as a healing source for your body. These low frequencies can penetrate and heal muscles, bones, tendons, and other organs using a PEMF machine or a pad. These electromagnetic pulses are primarily used to stimulate the natural healing process by stimulating cells to absorb the energy.

The powerhouse of cells, mitochondria, and their impact on your overall health. You can increase your mitochondria by changing your lifestyle and diet, but you can also charge them with PEMF therapy. This is a way to boost them. The treatment is a replacement for mitochondria. It strengthens circulation and brings nutrients to your cells. It also efficiently eliminates cellular waste. As it slows down the progression of the disease, improved cellular health can positively impact your overall health.

Benefits of using PEMF therapy

The user of electromagnetic therapy can reap many benefits, including:

-> Immune system strengthening

-> Improved circulation and cellular health

-> Muscle recovery

-> Sleep better

-> Resetting the central nervous systems

-> Increase the speed of injury healing

-> Reduce stress and fatigue

-> Reduce inflammation

Research also shows that PEMF Therapy accelerates the healing of bones and helps regenerate liver parts removed. It can also be used to treat chronic conditions such as diabetes and depression, reducing the pain of arthritis natural health products.

What is a PEMF Mat?

A PEMF Therapy Mat is a full-body therapy mat containing inner copper coils that produce low-frequency magnet currents. It is easy to fold and place on the skin or on the area that needs treatment. This allows for the transmission of low frequencies into the body to target muscles tissues, bones, or cells.

How to use the PEMF mat

It is elementary to use the PEMF Mat. Place the full-body mat on the surface you plan to use. Next, place the full-body mat on a surface you intend to use. Then, choose one of six programs that you’d like to use. Also, select the intensity and duration. Place the small pillow pad on any areas that need additional treatment. Depending on which order you use, these two applicators may be used simultaneously or separately.

Pro Tip: Combining them creates a magnetic sandwich effect that increases the magnetic field between both applicators.

The control unit transmits a low-voltage signal to the mat when the device is in operation. This is translated through 21 copper coils into concentrated pulsating magnet fields. The magnetic fields penetrate the body gently, and most people feel nothing. However, some feel a vibration or warm sensation.

Benefits of PEMF mats

There are many benefits to using PEMF Mats.

-> Improved Circulation

-> Reduce pain, swelling, inflammation

-> Promoting healthy anti-aging

-> Encourage cell repair and rehabilitation

-> Increase muscle performance

-> Detoxification should be gentle and effective

-> Increase energy and sleep

-> Increase oxygen assimilation, speed up the elimination of toxins

Regular use of PEMF Mat is a great way to improve overall health and well-being. The PEMF mats have the potential to heal and prevent certain diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or any other chronic condition that could cause pain. The best thing about using PEMF mats in therapy is their safety and ability to be used for long periods.

PEMF for Bone Growth Therapy and Increased Bone Density

Research has shown that nearly 200 million Americans have osteoporosis, which is a form of bone loss. One in three Americans will experience bone loss, while one in five people may sustain a fracture. The single most significant loss in mobility among seniors is bone fractures. Are you worried about bone loss and looking for ways to increase bone density? Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) might be a good option. You can find more information about how PEMF therapy can benefit your bones.

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