Best Herbal Supplements for People Over 45 Years in Daily Routine

Best Herbal Supplements for People Over 45 Years in Daily Routine

No matter what your age is, life tends to change every day. After the age of 45, it’s difficult to cope with the new changes and challenges like moving away from the children, loss of near and dear ones and last but not the least the declining health. It’s hard to accept and believe the changes that affect the health and mental state of elderly. In this article, we will discuss in detail how we can maintain our health with natural and herbal supplements while growing above 45 years of age.

Ayurveda and Health

In Ayurveda, Acharya Charak tells us about everything including our daily and seasonal regimen and how to live a healthy life by following the moral principles of Ayurveda.

It is mentioned in our ancient texts that health is the most important tool of life which should be sustained with prevention, the first line of treatment and is always better than cure. Ancient Acharyas explained the concept of Nitya sevniya dravya. These are the dravyas which help in maintaining the physical, mental and social health. If a person takes Nitya sevniya dravya daily, it will help in encouraging the health of the individual and prevent oneself from the diseases by boosting the immune system of the body.

Following Are the Nitya Sevniya Dravya’s

  • Saindhav lavan
  • Amalaki
  • Mudga
  • Yava
  • Varsha jal
  • Go- ghrita
  • Madhu
  • Go- dugdha
  • Jangala mamsa
  • Shashtika shali

Let’s describe these Nitya sevniya dravya one by one and knowing how it enlighten the body and nourishes it:-

  • Saindhav lavan – In Ayurveda, 5 types of lavan are used i.e. aud bhida, saindhav, sauvarchal, vid and samundra.  Among all of the above saindhav lavan is the best for use. This possess numerous health benefits like enhancing the appetite, improving digestion, detoxifying the body by removing all the toxins and aids in pacifying stomach pain naturally. It provides all the essential elements to the body and increases the strength to fight with the infections or diseases.
  • Amalaki – The Latin name of amalaki is Embilica officinalis. It balances all the three doshas . This is a vyavasthapaka (rejuvenating) herb mentioned by Acharya Charaka. It acts as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and a very rich source of vitamin C. Daily intake of 1 amla fruit shows very fruitful resultsand reverses the process of ageing.
  • Mudga (Green gram)- Mudga is the best food item among all type of pulses (shambi dhanya). It contains iron, potassium and has kapha-pitta shamak property due to which it acts as chakshushya (beneficial for eyes), grahi (fibre rich) and jwara ghana (reduces fever).
  • Yava (barley)- Yava is used widely in Ayurveda as pathya or in Aushadh (medicine) form. It has laghu (light), ruksha (dry), pichila (slimy), mridu (soft) guna which assists in pacifying kapha Dosha and acts as medohar (remove extra fat from the body), balya (improves strength) and varnaya (increases complexion).
  • Varsha jal (Antriksh jal)- The properties of  antriksh jal (sky water) is like nectar and is the purest form of water in nature. It removes all the toxins and alleviates the thirst, lethargy, fainting, drowsiness, burning sensation and acts as vital for life.
  • Go-ghrita- Ghrita is one of the sneha dravyas and is widely used all over the world for multiple purposes. Acharya mentioned Samskarasya anuvartana for Go-ghrita , which means it adapts the properties of the herb without leaving its own. It acts as vrana ropaka and vrana shodhaka. Along with that it takes off all the toxic substances from the body and works as Rasayan (rejuvenating herb).
  • Madhu (Honey) – Honey is ruksh (dry), laghu (light), suksham (ability to reach minute to the minute channels) , madhura (sweet) and kashaya (astringent) rasa. So, it balances all the three doshas in the body and acts as yogvahi (taking the properties of added drugs). Honey does lekhana (scrapping) and eliminates the excessive fat from the body.
  • Go- dugdha (Cow’s milk) – Cow’s milk is the best of all the eight types of milks which are mentioned by Acharya Charak in texts. It is one of the best rejuvenating health supplements that boosts immunity and helps in stabilizing  all the three doshas. Adding 1 glass of milk in our daily routine, nourishes the body in a well mannered and systematic way. It is the best jeevniya substance and is known as complete food.
  • Jangala mamsa- Jangala mamsa is known as sarva roga prashamak. This is a very rich source of proteins and pacifies the elevated tridoshas.  Aja mamsa is considered as pathya because it is naatiushana nad sheeta and acts as brihuniya (strengthening of body) and anabhishyanadi.
  • Shashtik shali:-This is also considered in pathya or nitya sevniya dravya because it also contains adequate amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins. 70-80% of energy is taken by shashtik shali. It has laghu (light) and snigdha (smooth) properties due to which it acts as hridya (cardiac tonic), vrishya (aphrodisiac), vishwagna (detoxifier) etc.
Best Supplements for People Over 45 Years in Daily Routine

Along with the diet you must have to change your lifestyle for the better functioning of your body.

How? Let’s see Below

  • Doing yoga daily – Doing yoga asana daily early in the morning for 40 minutes helps in managing the mental stress and aids in prevention and causation of disease. One must follow the below asana’s daily.
  • Vajra asana – This yogasana can be practiced even after having your meals. It will help in removing the joint stiffness and improves the concentration.
  • Supta vajrasana – This yogasana increases the elasticity and is helpful in thyroid disorders.
  • Bhujangasana – This posture is like a snake and helps in reducing the backache and reduces the belly fat.
  • Pawanmuktasana – This yogasana assists in pacifying the Vata Dosha.
  • Padmasana-This is the best posture for pranayama and meditation. It helps in toning up the spine and abdominal organs. This also helps in calming the mind.
  • Pranayam – Doing pranayam daily helps in soothing the mind and clears the respiration problems by removing phlegm and increasing the vital capacity of lungs. It also enhances the digestive power and cleans the sinuses. Pranayam is of eight types i.e. surya bhedana, ujjayi, sitkari, sitali, bhastrika, bhramari, murcha and plavini. One should do these pranayama daily to remove all the daily stress.
  • Sadvrit palan (following the principle of good behavior) – A person should follow the sadvrit to live a healthy and respectful life. In our ancient texts, Acharya Charak mentioned all the principles of sadvritta in Charak Samhita, Sutrasthana (25/40). Sadvritta is not only about mental or good behavior, it also provides rules related to religion, exercise, general hygiene, etc. which helps in the prevention of psychosomatic, physical and psychological diseases.

Diseases are caused by the impairment in mental, physical and social health so one should avoid intellectual errors (pragya pratha), excessive or improper  use of sense organs and adapt the codes of conduct explained by apta purusha (our ancient guru’s).

During Sadvrit Palan one Should Follow the Rules as Mentioned Below

1. Rules regarding Hygiene and General Health

A person should clean the excretory orifices and feet on a frequent basis and cut their hairs, nails, mustache at least three times in 15 days and smoke medicated cigarettes.

2. Rules Regarding Speech

One should speak less, wish timely and in sweet, polite language. You don’t have to lie and poke others by pointing out their mistakes. You just have to speak well and less.

3. Rules Regarding Diet

A person should not have their food without bathing, wearing dirty clothes, without mantra chanting, praying god, etc. One should not take stale food except meat, ginger, dry vegetables, fruits and sweets.

4. Rules Regarding Urges

A person should not sneeze, eat or sleep in a prone position, and not suppress the natural urges etc.

5. Rules Regarding Relationship with Females

You don’t have to insult women or depend or reveal the secrets to them. Don’t indulge in sexual intercourse with menstruating women and avoid the intercourse at religious places, public places, crematorium, etc. A person should avoid doing sexual intercourse without taking sukrjanamn (Aphrodisiac).

6. Rules Regarding Study

Avoid studying in unseasonal lightning, earthquakes, eclipses, new moon day, sunrise and sunset.

  • Achara Rasayan:- Acharya charak in Charaka chikitsa Sutrasthana 1/4/30-35) mentioned about the concept of Achara Rasayan. If a person follows the rules explained here, then it will be fruitful like Rasayan (rejuvenating) drugs as mentioned in Ayurveda.
  • Satyavadi Nam (always speak truth)
  • Akrodham (don’t be angry)
  • Nivritam madhya maithun (avoidance of alcohol and sexual act)
  • Ahinsakama (Avoid violence)
  • Prashantam (be peaceful)
  • Priyavadinam (talk politely)
  • Japshochparam (practice mantra chanting or cleanliness)
  • Dheeram (Be courageous)
  • Dan nityam (be generous to everyone)
  • Tapsvinam (self atonement)
  • Devgobrahamanacharyaguruvridharchane ratm (Respect god, Brahmin, preceptor, acharya and elders)
  • Aanrishyasparam Nityam nityam karunvedinam (Don’t be cruel and and be kind to everyone)
  • Samjagran swapnam (Early to bed and early to rise)
  • Ksheer ghritashitam (Take milk and ghee daily)
  • Deshkalpramanagyam (knowledge of proper time and place)
  • Yuktigyanam (intelligent)
  • Nhankritam (Non-egoistic)
  • Having good conducts and devoid of wrong thoughts
  • Respect elders and learn from religious books by reading it.

An individual lives a healthy life by following the diet and changing the lifestyle a bit. Being Healthy is not only about physical health, a person should also be mentally fit.


So, coming to an end it is concluded that the above provided information is presented in an effective and innovative way. If we follow the mentioned diet and lifestyle, we will be physically and mentally fit and our mansik (raja and tama) and sharirik (vata, pitta and kapha) dosha’s remains in their normalized state.

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