Barbie Doll And Her Friends Made Every Kid's Childhood Memorable

Barbie Doll And Her Friends Made Every Kid’s Childhood Memorable

These amazing well-dressed dolls change the way children interacted with dolls. These figurines even also emerged as a cultural icon across the world.

Barbie was introduced to the toy world in 1959. Soon after its release, the dolls became very popular among little girls and boys. After a few years in 1961, Mattel introduced the Ken doll. Just like Barbie and her other counterparts, Ken also has a fashionable line of clothing and accessories. With time, many more frictional characters were also introduced that become very popular and also a very important part of every kid’s childhood.

Barbie doll is not just a plaything for kids but this amazing figurine has also become the fashion icon. Not only a doll but a Barbie dollhouse and other playset has also become a huge success in the toy world.

In the below piece, we will know about some of the amazing assortments from the above-mentioned brand. Let’s have a glimpse

Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy doll:

Now imagination will take flight with dazzling wings and colorful fashion. This fairy doll is fit for a fairy doll adventure. She is also dressed like a real fairy with a sparkly bodice and skirt with a starry print and ruffle detail. It is all about storytelling and fairytale dreams inspired by wings that come with a touch of color. When you enter Dreamtopia you wake up to a world where the dream becomes reality!

Barbie Ken Doll with Laundry Playset:

With this explore “at-home” play you get a variety of pretend play opportunities. Every room has its own style to say a story. Kids will enjoy arranging and re-arranging the pieces to create which will create new scenes and storytelling possibilities. This laundry themed set comes with furnishings, accessories and a unique look for the ken doll.

Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and Swingset Playset:

Chelsea loves to spend time with her pet. This set is perfect for her to spend some quality time with her pet. Each set features a Chelsea doll in a bright outfit and an adorable pet and also a large play piece with a working feature. The set some with a bundle full of storytelling and pretend play opportunities. It will keep kids engage all day!

Barbie Rockstar doll:

Barbie doll is now ready to rock the stage. This musician doll is reaching for the top of the charts. The set inspires the young music lovers to play out their top hit songs. She is all set to hit the right note and rock her performance. She comes in a pink and black mesh dress with a silver dress and is ready to be the center of attraction. To make her look more real, the recording headphones fall in perfect harmony with this figurine.

Barbie Chelsea Soccer Playest:

Chelsea doll perfectly sparks storytelling and sports-play. There are so many sweet stories that you can create with her soccer playset. The set features two goals with the adjustable scoring board. The goals are attached to a play area where she can practice and play. When you press don her shoulder you can see her “kicking” action. And yes! She is not alone; she is ready to hit the field with her puppy friends. There is no limit with fun and excitement with this playset.

Barbie doll and her friends have paved their way to the hearts of the little ones. These dolls reflect the world that we see today, offering both girls and boys infinite ways to play out the story and express their own style.

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