How to Keep your Skin Beautiful Year Round?

Your skin plays a vital role in protecting the rest of your body. Protect the skin as well as stay healthy and pure with these five simple steps given by Dietician Sheela Sherawat the founder of Diet Clinic.

1. Limit your sun exposure

The sun is dangerous, we all know it. Sun exposure causes several types of skin damage. Repeated exposure significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. Other consequences include premature wrinkles, moles, age spots and freckle says Best Dietitian In Delhi.

2. Good hygiene

The presence of microbes and bacteria plays a role in many skin problems, from cold sores to acne. These bacteria are almost always the result of poor hygiene. If you think your hands are dirty, do not touch your face.

3. Be kind to your face

Wash your face to keep your skin healthy. However, if you do it with too much energy or if you rub your face with a rough sponge, other skin problems can cause redness and irritation. Use a soft cloth. Massage your face gently and in a circle. Use soap, but rinse thoroughly with warm water to avoid possible irritation. Dry your face with a little water instead of cleaning it. Repeat this routine in the morning and in the afternoon. Have healthy snacks and avoid sugary drinks.

4. Stay hydrated

Keeping skin hydrated is the rule in all skin care guides. Hydrated skin protects against the formation of dead cells, cracked skin, and itching. There are several ways to moisturize the skin. Use an effective moisturizer with active ingredients. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and have a Healthy Diet Plan. Take warm showers (not hot) and limit them to less than five minutes.

5. Know your skin

Perform a self-assessment at least once a week. Be alert to new developments such as moles, spots, wrinkles, inflammation, acne, etc.

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