Mediation Retreat- A Way to Be More Concentrated And Mindful

Mediation Retreat- A Way to Be More Concentrated And Mindful

Arranging a post-death ceremony of a loved one, otherwise known as funeral ceremony could be a really expensive affair. Experts say that in some cases, the expense could be as big as buying a new car for your home, but at the same time, funeral directors Sydney have some other things to say. They say that “yes”, the funeral arrangement process is quite expensive, but this is also a fact that these expenses can be reduced significantly. According to them, by following the tips given by them, these expenses can actually be cut into half.

Funeral homes offer these services in such a way that they stay right inside the budget of the families and at the same time, include all the majorly required funeral directors services. They make sure that the rituals of the culture or religion followed by the family or the deceased are all constituted in the funeral ceremony. So now the question is, what are those tips. Some of them have been discussed in this article and the first one we cover is “considering the cremation”.

Choose Direct Cremation

According to funeral directors Sydney, a huge expense can be avoided straightforwardly by going for cremation services instead of burial. When “burial” is chosen, the family gets the opportunity to carry out all the services or the events that are to be held after the passing away of someone in the family. This adds so much to the expenditure, but when cremation service is chosen, the body is directly transferred to crematorium from the home and then, cremated. This means, there will be no expenses related to casket, etc. that happens to be a major one as far as this ceremony is concerned.

As far as cremation is concerned, according to funeral directors Sydney, a temporary, cardboard made container is used. Post-cremation, the ashes, otherwise known as “cremains” are handed over to the family in a simple jar or a box. It is up to the jurisdiction of the family whether they want to keep it with them or dispose it as per their religious rituals like burying it or scattering it.

Hold a Memorial Service

In traditional funeral directors services, there is a requirement of a casket, but this is not the case with the memorial services. It has already been discussed above that casket is a huge expense in this type of ceremony, but at the same time, it is avoidable as well. The necessity of the casket can be removed by going for a memorial service, post cremation where ashes of the body of the deceased or the cremains can be used. As far as the venue is concerned, since, there would be no casket and no body present, it will require a significantly smaller venue to organise this memorial service.

Have a Celebration of Life

The fact related to “celebration of life” is that this event can be organised any time you want after the passing away of the loved one. There are no set rules to follow regarding when to organise this event and this flexibility allows the family to arrange funds sufficiently for the same. There are no cremains used and this ceremony can include near and dear ones on the deceased, honouring the life of the deceased. Based on the preferences, families may choose to include pictures, music, or special mementos and other things that the deceased used to adore.

As per the experts, the circumstances may be weak, but you need to be emotionally strong, alert and fully conscious and most importantly, not get carried away by their words or verbal promises. Expect to be treated with compassion, respect, understanding, integrity.

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