Nutritarian Diet

You don’t have to count calories before losing some pounds and attaining peak health. All you have to do is follow Nutritarian diet to take you through a healthy journey of the whole, plant-based foods. I’m sure you will love to join me as I often have a bowl of salad filled with plant-based, disease-fighting, and nutrient-dense superfoods. Nutritarian diet limits processed choices including olive oil and animal protein. Olive oil resets and restrains the palate from having a natural savor of healthier foods. The ball is in your court in attaining your weight goal while at the same time, you ward off heart disease, autoimmune conditions, and some cancers – a suggestion by Nutritarian diet guide.


  • Nutrient Density: this principle assigns a rank to foods depending on the number of nutrients per calorie in each one. Among the top-ranked foods are the cruciferous greens like collards, kale and mustard greens while cola drinks are at the base.
  • Nutrient Adequacy: this principle makes sure you as a participant of Nutritarian diet benefits from all the individual omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals found in a particular food on every meal.
  • Toxin Avoidance: this principle reveals that sometimes, there is a natural reduction of carcinogens and infectious agents found in processed fare.
  • Hormonal Favorability: this principle involves having a choice of carbohydrates with a glycemic load in lower quantity and the reduction of animal protein with the aim of keeping low blood levels of hormones in the body. The hormones blood levels often link to hardening of the arteries, increased fat storage and increased risk of cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer. The self-healing ability and slow aging process of the body are made possible through the supply of foods rich in macronutrients (fats, carbs, and protein), micronutrients (nutrients, phytochemicals, and vitamins) and fiber.


The initial step to take on the Nutritarian diet is to subscribe to a plan. The Nutritarian diet comes with two programs which are the “Eat to Live” 6weeks jump-start plan and the “10 in 20” detox diet. The “Eat to Live” diet isan on-going method with higher flexibility while the “detox” diet puts your weight loss on a fast track. You are left to choose the plan that will suit you best. Fuhrman says that a weight loss of about 20pounds is inevitable for an average person that is consistent on the 6weeks jump-start Nutritarian diet plan.

The “10 in 20” detox program is designed to shed 10pounds of weight within 20 days as you do away with unhealthy foods. And as you break away from the processed fare, it is possible you have the feelings of weakness or tiredness in the first few days – a sign that you are conquering the sugar and salt you craved. But the good news is that you will be ease of any withdrawal symptoms after the first 72 hours as natural textures and flavors are introduced to your palate. The detox program is downloadable,and it states clearly every detail including your pre-diet shopping list, daily unique meal plans for the complete 20days with recipes. You can rest assured that you will migrate into full detox from the first day. Bid farewell with me to excess glycemic load including diet soda. It’s great to take water,and it’s cool to take decaffeinated tea,but if you think you can’t resist coffee, you can start by limiting yourself to a daily cup of coffee. The “10 in 20” detox fastest weight loss program focuses on cooked or raw vegetables,and these foods can be consumed in excess with caveats. Try to curb the habit of eating between meals, during meals, and suspend eating before you start having the feeling that you are full or stuffed. You can have your barbecued meats in excess under Nutritarian diet and cover your grill with cured and processed meats. You can also put into consideration, animal products such as fat-free dairy, wild fish, eggs, organic meat as condiments or flavorings instead of entrees. Nutritarian diet also recommends a multivitamin per day with omega-3 fatty acids.

The Nutritarian diet is more flexible on the “Eat to Live” program,but the philosophy remains the same. The Nutritarian diet has a personal food pyramid,but dairy products are not included compared to the USDA version. The Nutritarian diet is more of limited grains and vegetables. Foods with a high level of protein such as beans are included,but meat is of limit with a maximum of two servings in a week. The Nutritarian diet food pyramid also includes seeds, nuts, and avocado due to their immense contribution to better heart health.

One of the food pyramids on Nutritarian diet is “G-BOMBS” which include a group of superfoods (greens, mushrooms, berries, onions, and seeds) that fights against cancer and boost your immune. These foods play a significant role in your daily food consumption,and you will always feel their impact. Salad remains themain course of the Nutritarian diet. At least, one of your regular meals must consist of much salad + G-BOMBS + oil-free dressing. Your salad should be top-up with seeds and nuts and not olive oil-based dressings. Then you can round up with soup and fruit (any piece of fruit).

Fuhrman says and emphasizes on oil limit as olives contain more micronutrients, fiber and fewer calories than processed olive oil. Walnuts and sunflower seeds also come with more micronutrients than other fuels in their class.

According to the diet literature, constant consumption of food interferes with fat-loss in the body. So, the Nutritarian diet does not support you taking snacks. Three meals a day should be OK for you as a participant on the Nutritarian diet. You can swap lunch for dinner,and vice versa due to the similarities between the two menus on the Nutritarian diet but breakfast is once daily,and you are limited to take eggs three times weekly.

Both plans on the Nutritarian diet gives you the opportunity to consume more of raw veggies, cooked veggies, and greens that are rich in nutrients, legumes, fresh fruits, tofu, and bean sprouts. Your goal on the Nutritarian diet as a participant is to eat:

  • Raw vegetables – 1pound
  • Cooked Veggies (eggplants, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and cauliflower) – 1pound
  • Beans – 1 cup
  • Legumes – 1 cup
  • Sprouts – 1 cup
  • Tofu – 1 cup
  • A minimum of four fresh fruits per day


You will only spend more if you plan to go for the whole foods and fresh ingredients because they are high in price. Meat and shellfish don’t cost much. For non-member, the downloadable “10 in 20” detox fast weight-loss Nutritarian diet program only goes for $15.95. You can also decide to buy “The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life,” on Amazon for $10 or the plan books on Nutritarian diet titled “The End of Heart Disease” or “The End of Diabetes.” There are three levels available to enroll in on the Nutritarian diet website of Dr. Furhman ranging from $7.95 per month for a gold plan to $3,000 for a diamond lifetime.


Research carried out by the Obesity society reveals it that you experience much weight loss on a plant-based diet than dietary patterns including meat. You don’t even have to count the number of calories you consumed or consuming. The Nutritarian diet focuses on plant-based foods. It forbids sweeteners and gives limits to dairy products as well to provide you with a better experience of weight loss if you are consistent on the 6weeks plan or the 20days plan. I’m sure you aim to shed pounds.


The Nutritarian diet could be natural or could be hard depending on your likeness for raw and cooked veggies with fruits against meats, sweets, and bread. It might be chafing at the initial stage of the beverage restrictions – coffee and alcohol. It takes self-discipline to stay true to the 6weeks weight-loss program,but that will be a foundation to a broader maintenance program by the time you go into it thoroughly.

Preparation of Nutritarian diet meals should be easy once you have loaded your fridge and pantry with whole, fresh foods including veggies, nuts, seeds and yeast, beans, pasta and whole grains including other staples with essential spices, then, you have all you need.

Although, eating at home is safer due to food temptation at restaurants and events but all the same, the Nutritarian diet can adapt to restaurants because salads and whole foods are available in most restaurants. Saving extra meals and freezing some meals can save you the time of hitting a grocery store now and then. A Curry in a Hurry can also put you through on some recipes.

As a member, you enjoy different access to recipes and menus on the Nutritarian diet website including position papers, a health tracker, webinars, the Nutritarian communities, and other perks. However, the Nutritarian diet website also provides you with free recipes and educational resources. The Nutritarian diet “Hello Nutritarian” website enlightens you more on the 6weeks program with shopping lists tips, meal plans and full guide in setting up your pantry with whole, fresh foods for diet. The taste of the meals is in your hands because you are behind the spicing and making of the meals.


Exercise is OK for healthy living,but the Nutritarian diet doesn’t require you to engage in any if you are on the 6weeks weight loss plan. Fuhrman says that longevity of life is threatened by vigorous exercise. You can participate in a workout but not intentionally; I mean taking your stairway in your house is an exercise already. So, it is not advisable you go to a gym if you are on a short-term Nutritarian diet plan.

It is acceptable but not vital if you are on the long-term Nutritarian diet plan. Even Government fitness guidelines encourage exercises in adults for at least 2hrs 30mins per week.

Let the journey begin with the Nutritarian diet as you shed some pounds.

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