Tips to boost your mental health

Tips to Boost your Mental Health

The pandemic has taken a mental toll to a great extent. It’s essential for us to make a little change to our routine that helps us to boost mental health. These things will aid you in leading a smoother life.

Start your day with your favorite drink: This helps you feel good as you are starting your day with something that you love. And, that’s the best way to start a day. You can also start your day with good music that activates your mind and body. You can even meditate or exercise or paint or do something that will give your positive vibes. These things will give you a positive feeling about the day, which is primal for your mental health.

Something new: Make it a point to experiment with something new or learn something new. Sometimes, your mind needs to be intrigued and busy. This will help you build your knowledge, and you don’t have to worry about conversation starters anymore. Learning new skills will help you improve your self-esteem and confidence. Do something that interests you. Or you can do something that you were unsure about and find out how it suits you. Do something small like DIY projects and take responsibility for what you are doing.

Some love: Give yourself some love and give others love too. Love heals so many things. Be nice to yourself, especially with regards to your body and looks. We don’t know how screwed up others are. Always give people the benefit of the doubt and show love. It creates a good image in the brains and hearts of other people, and it may have a good impact on you. Choose quality people and relationships and keep them around you for a happy and healthy life.

Don’t push yourself too much: You know how much you can handle better than others. It’s amazing to be competitive and to keep pushing yourself to reach greater heights, however small they may be for you. But some days, take a pause when needed. It’s probably not worth it if it’s ruining your mental health.

Practice gratitude and forgiveness: Remind yourself all the moral classes from school. Being thankful for what you have keeps your grounded. When you forgive people and move on, it saves so much mental exhaustion for you. It could be challenging but practice it for a more satisfying life. What I realized in the pandemic is to be grateful for being able to have three meals and have a roof over my head. The reality is saddening, and all you can do is live your life to the fullest with what you have. You can do it easily when you forgive people and have regrets.

Nature time: With the lockdown, it is difficult to get outside, and being home is just so comfortable that we don’t even want to try going outside. But nature helps a lot in reducing depression and boosting you. Take a walk or a run every day, and it will definitely make you feel better. It eases up your mind and gives your body some exercise too. It is best if you could get some Sun when you walk with nature. A few people like doing it after sunset, and there’s no harm in it. Just ensure you get some sun every day.

Furry friends: If humans are making your life complicated, then spend some time with furry friends. Go volunteer at an animal shelter or play with strays or get yourself a pet. They lower all the sad hormones and pump in all the happy hormones. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to take responsibility for a pet, you can always go and play with a friend’s pet or play with animals at a shelter.

The most crucial aspect that needs to be addressed regarding mental health is overthinking. It really has the capability to destroy a person. Pay attention to only the present, and try to keep your mind and body busy. Ensure your thoughts and feelings are about the present and about the past or future. Make yourself strong mentally and have an open mind. Self-care will help you get through difficult times. Cut down on what’s toxic for you and indulge more in the things that you know are good for you. Even if it means going off social media or stopping talking to a person, or getting rid of a habit, go for it.

I hope this blog gave you some ideas on boosting your mental health. If you think you need more than these changes in your routine, consider visiting a counselor or therapist. Mental health is as important as physical health, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Talk to someone who you can trust and who will help you out.

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