Why is Goa the best Place for Yoga Teacher’s Training?

Yoga and beaches can certainly be one of the most rejuvenating combinations ever. Keeping this in mind, Ujjain Yoga Life Society has come up with of one of the best places for next yoga retreat which is inclusive of a complete yoga teacher’s training . So, pack your bags and get ready to learn while enjoying the refreshing beaches in Goa.

While you are packing your bags and booking your tickets, let us give you few more reasons to stick to this wonderful idea of Yoga Teacher’s Training .

1- A chance to stay in the midst of nature while learning yoga
Getting close to nature will certainly get you much closer to yoga. The Yoga Life premises (Bhakti Kutir) includes the canopy of a two-acre coconut grove with twenty-two back-to-nature cabanas. Created using local materials like rice straw, and bamboo, the cabanas are built to include trees, leaves, and to let all the visitors experience living with a rural feel.

2-The weather that will recharge your soul
October to March is considered as the best timings to enjoy the pleasant weather of Goa. The sea is beautiful and so is the air, welcoming all the tourists to rejoice at the Goan beaches.

3- Learn from the experienced bunch of teachers from Ujjain Yoga Life Society
A team of yoga Instructors, teachers and academicians lead by the International Yoga Guru’s who has taught more than half a million people in forty-four countries globally will be training the students of the International Yoga Teacher’s Training Course at Goa.

4- Practicing Yoga with Sunrise and Sunset will be an out-of-the-world experience on the beach
One of the other reasons to choose Yoga Life Goa will be the natural luxury to practice sunrise and sunset yoga at the beach which will indeed make the learning experience a memorable and relaxing one.

5- Provision of delicious organic vegan food during the course
All the participants of the International Yoga Teacher’s Training Course will be provided with healthy, nutritious and a complete meal which will be freshly prepared every day by specially trained chefs.

6- Enjoy the benefit of Ayurveda Therapies at the Yoga Life Goa premises (Bhakti Kutir)
Yoga and Ayurveda having merging paths and at Yoga Life Goa, all the participants can even avail the benefits of Ayurveda at the In-house Spa.

7- Get assisted post teacher’s training course completion
Teachers at Yoga Life Goa are friendly and will be providing complete assistance after the yoga teacher’s training course completion to set up a studio or to further look upon the opportunities to explore a career in yoga.

8- Experience the yogic life and become a certified yoga teacher at an affordable cost.
The course with its perks is essentially a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all those who want to deepen their knowledge in yoga, become a certified yoga teacher while relishing the beauty of nature at Goa.

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