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Yoga For Children – Why is Yoga Important For Your Kids?

Know the benefits of yoga for kids on the basis of research review and reflections.

Why Yoga is important for your kids?

If you want to develop proper mental and physical development of your children, then include yoga in their life. Hardly any person is unaware of the benefits of yoga, so why not make children inculcate the habit of doing light yoga from their childhood.

Luckily, Children’s body is very flexible in childhood, so they can do yoga easily. Yoga offers many possibilities for children to break away from insecurities and fears, share some good times, and can assist children with special needs.
Clinical studies and rehabilitation procedures indicate that yoga for kids has been shown to help support physical, academic performance, and emotional balance.

Regular exercise can often help boost motivation, calm the heart rate, improve emotional balance, improve sleep, activate the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and guided relaxation. Generally, yoga enhances the ability to concentrate and learn. Thus, yoga can aid in the development and lifelong learning of children’s own signs and emotions.

Yoga Poses for Kids

There is a list of basic yoga poses for children as an inspiration guide. This encourages the children’s yoga creativity. Kid’s yoga postures often mimic our natural surroundings and can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Mountain Pose

Tadasana yoga (Mountain Yoga Pose) is considered to be the foundation of yogasanas performed while standing. This is because, while doing this yoga, the body remains straight and stable like a mountain. Tadasana helps in keeping the spine healthy.

This asana is very easy and beneficial for children. To do mountain pose, ask the child to stand with both legs stretched out. Now while keeping the fingers straight by raising the hands up, slowly try to rise more on the toes while inhaling the breath and then slowly ask to exhale the breath.

Tree Pose

Vrikshasana balances the mind, increases concentration and will strengthen the back, arms, waist and legs of the children.
In Tree Pose, make your children practice standing on one leg. That is, you bend the right leg of the child and rest it on his left thigh and then while balancing, join both the palms directly above the head with both the palms in the Namaskar Mudra. Now repeat the same pose with the other leg.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Adho Muka Savasana is one you will definitely want to learn your child as a beginner. Downward Dog controls the flow of blood to the body and brain. It makes each and every muscle of the child’s body strong and energetic. It’s important to learn how to do Dog Pose the correct way so that you can truly reap the benefits of Adho Muka Savasana.
For this, you make the shape of an inverted V with your palms on the ground and the hips raised, and on the strength of the toes. Press your thumb and forefinger firmly into the ground. Press on your toes and lift your hips upward.

Easy Pose

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)is the easiest and most beneficial yoga practice for children. Doing this gives mental and physical energy. To do Sukhasana, sit down with your legs crossed and keep your back straight. Keep in mind that while doing this asana, take special care of the posture of the hands, keep both the palms on the knees in Gyan Mudra.

Cobra Pose

Children’s bodies are flexible. That is why it is easier to teach them the poses of yoga. By teaching regular practice of Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), the abdominal muscles of the children will be stretched, so there will be no risk of becoming obese. Along with this, the arms are also strengthened by doing this.

To do this, first of all lie down on your stomach. After this, place both the hands under your forehead. Keep the toes of both the feet together. Now lift the forehead towards the front and keep both the arms parallel to the shoulders so that the weight of the body will fall on the arms. Now lift the forearm of the body with the help of the arms. Stretch the body and take long breaths. After staying in this position for a few seconds or 30 seconds, lie back on your stomach.

Child Pose

One of the special beneficial yoga postures for children is Balasana (Child’s Pose). Along with benefiting the body, this asana can improve brain health by reducing stress in children. Can help promote bringing in positive thoughts, which can reduce anxiety and stress.

Sit in Vajrasana. While exhaling, tilt the body forward. After bending the body, try to touch the floor with the forehead and touch the ground with the hands. After this, rise up while breathing and after resting for a few seconds, do it again. You can do this 3 to 5 times.

Conclusion – The beauty of yoga is that its benefits are available to children of all age groups. Studies indicate that yoga has been recommended for healthy development and as a universal good discipline. In addition, we believe that yoga is a playful and fun approach.

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