3 Simple Tips for Writing Love letters

Love letters are one of the tools I used while falling in love again and again. Believe me, words of love always work not only to start a relationship but to keep it going. However writing letters using pen and paper has become a lost art due to emails being used for most of the correspondence in the modern world. what a shame writing letters is giving way to emails, isn’t it. Well, here are some tips which will keep you going on writing the love words even in this digital world.

  • Never worry about Love letters being out of fashion – The first thing to understand is that words of love will never go out of fashion. All of us love to know how loved we are. Letters are the best way to do it, and even if it is an email it can work. Just type the words as you write a letter.

  • Do not worry about the language and structure – While writing love words, emotions become words. Hence, you should not worry too much about language and structure.


  •  Make it personal and specific – Love letters should be very personal and to the point. The best ones are talking about personal feelings and making the receiver emotional and always seal with a loving kiss (SWALK)

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