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Astonishing Locations of South Korea Every Traveler Must Witness

As a highly-developed country, South Korea tops the list of every traveler’s must-visit places on earth. And there is no reason why a traveler should not plan a trip to this awe-inspiring country in East Asia at least once in their life! With Seoul as its capital, South Korea is the most developed country in Asia as a whole, brimming with superlative advancements and colorful culture. In recent years, the world is witnessing the vibrant pop culture and fashion sense of Korea taking over the globe, influencing younger generations to a fascinating level.

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1. Dongguan Palace and Wolji Pond

No visit to South Korea is complete without visiting one or more of its enchanting historical sites! And if you are having a hard time making your mind on which one to pick, here is Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. It is a 7th-century palace complex located close by the city of Gyeongju, established in 674 CE under the instruction of King Munmu. This palace is well-known for Wolji Pond, an artificial lake surrounding the ancient site that reflects the old-fashioned structure perfectly. And come summer, this lake transforms, with lotus flowers overflowing all around.

2. Cheongsando Island

If you are someone who enjoys the laid-back ambiance and nature-filled outdoor, there is an island called the Cheongsando Island that would definitely treat you right. This island is a paradise for nature-buffs, a land that proudly shows off vast platforms of rice paddies, bluish mountains, incredible ocean views, and yellow-colored fields of rapeseed flowers. The island is off the south coast of the Republic of Korea and is straight-up gorgeous. This traditional island has gained international recognition and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from every corner of the globe.

3. Jinhae

Jinhae is a serene coastal town about 20 miles away from west of Busan, a metropolitan city of South Korea, known for its mountains and beaches. Besides other things, this charming coastal town is famous for one thing, cherry blossoms! If you are planning a trip during the spring season, you are in for a real treat, without a doubt. Each spring, the city hosts the biggest cherry blossoms festival in the country, showcasing thousands of full-blooming pink trees throughout the region, and lures in tons of guests from different parts of the world.

4. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

What is a trip to South Korea if you don’t witness Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan? This temple possesses one of the most dramatic locations in the entire country, looking over the massive sea and striking rock formations. Generally, nearly all the temples are located in the mountains to give guests a chance to meditate, undisturbed. And this one is not an exception, regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful places of worship, dating back to over 600 years of history.

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