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How to Stay Safe & Avoid Injuries While Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing is an extremely exciting sport. It includes the thrills of speed, beautiful snow laden surroundings of winter and a great fun time. But it requires learning how to do it, and while this needs to be taken seriously it can still be fun. The skills required cannot be developed overnight and requires some dedicated practice.

  • Learn about skis – The first thing to do is to learn the vital things you should check in your equipment. The most important are the skis which should be checked for any deep scratches at the bottom. This is a very important safety measure.


  • Ski boots – Good ski boots in which you feel comfortable are a necessity. It should be just the right weight, neither too light nor too heavy. If you can lift your heels while bending the knee and feel comfortable doing so the boot is fine.

  • Putting on the skis – The beginners skis are different from that of a pro. You should start with a broader ski with strap-ons for binding the boot to the ski. You are now ready to go downhill.


  • Practice, practice and more practice – Skiing is a skill and like any other needs some expert advice and practice, as much as you can.


  • Learn about stopping and turning – Learning to stop and turn is a key skill. Just need to manoeuvre your skis into a V position with the front together and the back quite wide apart. Another thing is to Learn snow ‘speak’ and how to identify what type of skier you are seeing. Snow speak means knowing the kinds of snow on which you are treading. Powder, Corduroy, ice, crud and crust are some types of snow. Each type has different properties and is good know information for a skier.

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