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There are many questions that you have to consider before having spinal surgery. Your spine doctor will only suggest surgery in very serious situations and when other treatment methods have not worked. Before having surgery, you should gather as much knowledge as possible about the type of surgery and their procedures. You should find out from your spine specialist which surgery option will work best for you. Should you go for traditional surgery or should you go for minimally invasive spine surgery? Understand the main differences between the two and know what will work best for you. Himanshu Tyagi is the best for Spine Surgeon in Delhi that can go for any type of spine condition you have.

orthopedic surgeonYour doctor will recommend surgery only if you have:

Problems with significant weakness in your arms, legs or limbs In your spine.

Not all conservative treatments have provided any relief.

Patients who are obese and cannot exercise or physical therapy.

At Himanshu Tyagi you will find the best spine doctor in Delhi who will recommend appropriate treatment according to the severity of your condition.

Traditional spine surgery has anatomical performance, whereas minimally invasive surgery shows less anatomy and also accelerates patient recovery. The primary goal of a minimally invasive surgical procedure is to ensure minimal blood loss, rapid recovery, low infection rates, and short hospital stay. If you have any type of spine problem, you can visit us for consultation as we are one of the best hospitals for spine surgery in Greater Noida. We will also provide you the best spine specialist in Delhi. At Himanshu Tyagi we provide specialist orthopedic treatment:

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