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Guide on How to Choose a Good Yoga Mat For Sun Salutations

Performing sun salutations is a fantastic way to boost your overall health and wellbeing. An important aspect of performing these exercises is using a high-quality mat. Without a proper mat, you won’t get the support and comfort necessary to do the activity in a methodical yet effective fashion. If you’re currently on the lookout for a new yoga mat, here’s how you can choose one that’s most suitable for sun salutations.

Choose Yoga Mats with Association Endorsements

The yoga community is incredibly active, with many yoga associations and organizations actively managing and participating in the community. These associations often comprise of leading yoga instructors, business owners, and other important individuals that help grow the yoga culture. These groups often give endorsements to high-quality manufacturers and brands that make products that are fitting for the community. If you want to ensure that whatever product you’re buying, especially when it comes to yoga mats, has the approval of yoga leaders, then make sure that come with industry or association endorsements.

Avoid Yoga Mats From Unknown Brands and Manufacturers

While checking whether or not the yoga mat you’re considering has association endorsements, also make sure that the brand you’re looking into isn’t unknown to the yoga community. Unknown brands often produce highly unreliable yoga mats that could impair your ability to perform sun salutations. Any brand you purchase should have already seen extensive use by members of the yoga community beforehand so you know that it’s been tried and vetted. Remember, this doesn’t mean you should avoid new brands, as there are lots of new manufacturers gaining lots of attention and praise from the community. Rather, it means you should avoid brands that have absolutely no information about them in terms of reviews and testimonials.

Analyse Aggregate Reviews and Recommendations

While avoiding unknown makers of yoga mats, you should always look into the aggregate recommendations and reviews of any mat you’re thinking of purchasing. Aggregate reviews take the average of all reviews left for a yoga mat, meaning that you get a strong general consensus on what customers think. If you only look at an individual review or two, you risk getting only an individual perspective on a product that isn’t representative of the thoughts of the majority. Plenty of online retailers have areas for past customers to leave their thoughts and reviews on many popular mats, making it incredibly easy for you to conduct easy analysis.

Search Far and Wide for Yoga Mats

Aggregate reviews are important once you’ve found yoga mats you’re thinking of buying, but you should also make sure to cast a wide net when searching for these mats in the first place. Lots of fantastic yoga mats are available for sun salutations, which means you don’t want to miss a promising product because you didn’t look hard enough at your options. There are countless online retailers, all stocking different styles and brands of these mats. Make sure you try and look at as many different brands of yoga mats as possible before making a decision on which one to buy.

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