Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Yoga and meditation have been practiced since ancient times in India. These not only enhance the physical well-being of an individual but also help in attaining great psychological balance and control. It is recommended that yoga and meditation must be practiced in calm and serene environments so that there are no external forces to hamper your concentration. It is quite interesting to find that people are planning yoga vacations for themselves in India, where they can obtain spiritual renewal amidst immense serenity and tranquility. There is many such Yoga TTC in India, where people can shed off all their stress and anxiety and find a welcome escape from the humdrum of busy life.

Taking a Yoga TTC in India can be a nerve-wracking occurrence, but at the same time exciting. India is a very frantic country with many unusual customs and marvels. People who are visiting India for the first time will undergo some level of culture shock. Nevertheless, India and its people are very welcoming toward tourists. You will be able to submerge yourself in the Indian culture and the yogic lifestyle in no time.

Yoga TTC in India also gives Yogic diet usually comprises of simple dishes such as rice, beans, lentils, chapatti or Indian flatbread, veggies, soup, etc. Typically, very little spice, sugar, and fat are added to them; although the purpose of these dishes is to let you experience pure and simple taste.

Relying upon your school or ashram, the diet can vary. You might also be allowed to eat sweets, and if lucky, some coffee. And if you are visiting Yoga TTC in India, wean your body off eggs, meat, and booze as it’s a dry and vegetarian town. Even it’s difficult to get eggs.

Powerful stomach or not, prepare your gut a few weeks prior. You are going to face something which you may not have tried at all. If possible stay away from junk food as well during your rip.

The Yoga Nisarga Institute is based in the peaceful and tranquil environment. It is a disciplined institute that provides comprehensive courses in Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. The institute has 200 hours, 300 hours & yoga vacation programs which are residential in nature.