How to Drink Copper Water and Benefit from It?

If you want to really hydrate your body from within, drinking sufficient amount of water is not the only thing that matters. The time at which you drink it also makes a huge difference to your body as well. To get the best from your hydration therapy, try to avoid drinking water while having your meal. Instead, try drinking water either 30 minutes prior to having a meal or 2 hours post meal. This is crucial because drinking water at these points may extinguish the digestive fire or “Agni” which is very important for the proper functioning and digestion of the food in the stomach. Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal ensures that the food gets digested properly and reduces the chances of stomach related discomforts such as stomach ache and bloating which people experience normally after having a meal.

It is the same for when you are having a meal. If possible one should avoid drinking water during a meal. But if you really want to, especially when you are having salty food items, it is ok to take small sips of water during your meal. If you drink too much water during your meal your digestive system may not be able to function in its full capacity. Taking small sips of water during the meal will prevent the need to drink water after having your meal and will hydrate the lining of the stomach which will in turn help in recreating enough digestive juices to digest the food properly.

The best time to drink copper treated water is early morning when you wake up. As soon as you wake up drink a big glass of water that you have stored overnight in a copper water bottle or copper jug. This way you not only get the benefits of drinking water in the morning but you also get the benefits of copper which are now infused in this copper charged water.

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