How to Find the Best Yoga Retreats

If you are a person who is looking for an escape away from the stress, deadlines, daily chores, then look no further and choose a yoga retreat to feel revitalized and reawakened. Yoga and travel are good ways to breathe and leave aside all the worries of life. Travel satisfies the adventure junkie in you and yoga helps in connecting you with your body, mind and soul. 

An amalgamation of travel and yoga gives you new ways to lead your life by managing stress. Nobody is untouched by stress and it is the main cause of a gamut of diseases. Yoga will help you in providing a work-life balance. A yoga retreat will not only give you a long due vacation but also helps you in finding a direction and clarity in your life. 

If you need to reboot your life and if you are confused as to how to choose the best yoga retreat for yourself, then read this article till the end. Here are some of the points you should consider finding the best yoga retreats:


Choosing the right location will depend on your taste, for example whether you are a mountain person or a beach person. You can find yoga retreats all over the world. Look for a place you are interested in. 

A Yoga retreat is all about relaxing and rejuvenating, so look for a comfortable place. You should look for a location where you will feel refreshed and happy. While selecting a location, you should also keep in mind if you want a retreat solely dedicated to yoga or a combination of yoga and dancing, or yoga and trekking/hiking and various other additional activities. If these activities excite you and you want to explore these additional activities, then choose your location accordingly. 

Choose the right yoga teacher

You should choose a yoga retreat in a way that offers a yoga teacher who has enough experience in guiding a group of participants. You can ask for recommendations from yoga teachers you know near your house. 

Search for reviews and testimonials without giving a second thought to it to make sure the yoga teacher is qualified with enough work experience of yoga retreats. You can also check the personal website and social media channels of the yoga teacher. You should make sure that the style of his teaching aligns with your needs as every yoga teacher has their own style of teaching. This is your time to experience yoga retreat and you have taken time off from your busy schedule, so you do not want to have a bad experience and be guided in a way you out of your preference. 

Theme and style of the retreat

As yoga retreats differs from place to place and on so many other levels, the theme of the yoga retreat varies too. You will have to decide which theme of the retreat you are looking to have the best experience. Some retreats focus on spirituality and personal growth whereas some focus on health and fitness. 

If the retreat you have chosen is based on spirituality and you were looking for health and fitness, then it might disappoint you.

Do not forget to enquire the size of the retreat. Some retreats offer large groups whereas some offer small and intimate groups. If you do not like large groups and prefer personalized attention, select a smaller group. If you are looking to make connections with new people you are free to select a larger group to meet like-minded people. 


You should have a predetermined budget while planning for a yoga retreat and search accordingly. Longer and far away retreats will certainly cost you more. Also, it is not wise to always look for cheap options. You have to decide what you choose: quality or quantity.

You should look for retreats that are inclusive of everything except air ticket. If everything is not inclusive in the retreat package, it is likely that you may overspend on staying and meals. You can save money by asking for a roommate instead of opting for a private room or living in dorms. 

Time and duration

The time and duration of the retreat totally depend on your schedule and commitments. You do not have to take a 2-3 weeks trip to feel good about yourself. 

The longer duration of a retreat is not directly proportional to the best experience. You can take a weekend to re-energize and rebalance your life. If you want to heal and are looking to take your life in control, then what are you waiting for? This is the time to go for a retreat and feel happy. 


It’s ‘okay’ if you want to have a luxurious yoga retreat and you do not have to feel bad about it. There are yoga retreats that offer all the luxuries ranging from cozy beds, scrumptious meals, top-notch room service and there are yoga retreats that are close to nature and does not provide the luxuries. If you are not looking for all the luxuries, you can choose camping, trekking, and hiking along with yoga. 

Also, some yoga retreats provide strictly vegan meals and others may focus on fasting and body cleansing. Therefore, choose wisely if you can let go of your comfort foods and normal diet for a while. 

Traveling solo or with companions 

You need to decide whether you want to have an escape all by yourself or you want to have a company of your friends or family so that you can have known people around. Traveling with friends and family, you can channelize your inner strength and help people close to you help grow as well. 

But if you want to travel solo, then worry not because you will have a group of people with whom you will be traveling and you can make life long connections with them.

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 So, now it’s your turn, go ahead and book yoga retreats that suit you most and get rejuvenated.

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