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Tips for a Safe Holiday in Goa

Your party mode is on? What’s that one thing which always excites us? Beach holidays, yes of course. Miami, Florida, Caribbean islands, Goa are some of the loved beach spots for spending your vacations. So, if you’re planning to head towards Goa this time make sure you are well informed about the crowd, culture, nightlife and everything under that sun in Goa.

We hare some quick safety tips for your Goa trip. Please keep these in mind.

(1) Be cautious about documents and money

While embarking on a trip to Goa, ensure that you carry cash and the important documents in plastic or in a water-proof bag to avoid water seeping in and dampening them. A money belt around the waist is also a great option for those who tend to be a little clumsy with carrying money or documents in hand. One of the best ways to carry money is through traveler’s cheques as they can be exchanged at almost all locations. ATM cards are also one of the convenient and reliable sources of carrying money. This is among the best safety tips for a safe holiday in Goa.

(2) Ignore complete strangers:


While the tourist authorities are looking into the Goa safety concerns, there have been lots of theft and eve teasing incidences reported recently. Moreover, if you’re a solo woman, traveling here, try and get a good company of friends to accompany you else remain isolated from the unknown crowd.

(3) Stay in a group

Traveling to Goa in a group can be a fun experience especially with a group of friends. However, make sure to always keep track of your friend’s group when in Goa because there is always a chance for the visitors to get lost in the crowd.

Also, in such cases, it gets quite risky to mingle with strangers or wandering alone. While chilling out at a beach party or a bar, there is a high possibility of coming across different types of people. Most of them may be friendly and cordial, but only a handful can or should be trusted. It is always better to stick with your own group and enjoy a safe holiday in Goa.

(4) Do not try liquor everywhere:

If you aren’t a usual drinker, avoid trying new tastes at every food outlet that you come across. At times, liquors trigger food poisoning amongst some of them resulting in severely bad health and hangover conditions. Hence it’s better to avoid it if you aren’t sure about the brand, taste, and consequences.

(5) Women safety

Goa is a beautiful tropical paradise that can be quite unsafe for women traveling alone. Therefore, women are advised to wear their purses diagonally across their bodies to safeguard themselves against pickpockets who lurk in certain areas. It becomes impossible to pickpocket a purse which is draped diagonally. Also, women are also cautioned against visiting isolated areas. There are not too many areas that are not teeming with people during the peak season, but there is a likelihood of a woman going into areas that are deemed ‘unsafe’. A lot of women also carry mace with them for protection.

(6) Avoid swimming if you’re drunk:

This goes without saying and needs no further explanation. You might lose control in high tides and there have been incidences of natural drowning at Goa beaches. Most of the times, youngsters under the overly flowing adrenaline go for adventurous activities and it runs out completely fatal. Hence, be safe and try to be away from water if you’re drunk.

(7) Say ‘No’to Drugs & Smoking

The use of certain drugs and other intoxicants are now banned in Goa. In case, if someone is found using these intoxicating substances, they might have to face rigorous punishment as well as fine too.

While on a vacation or any other holiday trip to Goa, it is always advisable to stay from the illegal drugs and other such intoxicants, whose possession has been declared illegal and is committed to severe punishment. Also, while strolling around the public areas like parks, gardens, bus stands, and other similar places, avoid smoking or getting indulged into any such acts that might lead to punishment.

So now that we have alerted you with some potential dangers and Goa safety tips, you know how to sustain well over here. Don’t forget to pack your skin and daily care essentials as you’re likely tan up yourself under the hot steaming sun. Have a blast at your trip and make sure you share these safety tips with the rest of your travel buddies. We believe in safe journeys and wish you the same. Happy holidays!

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