Six Bad Habits That Are Most Likely To Lead To Impotence In Men

Six Bad Habits That Are Most Likely To Lead To Impotence In Men

Impotence is a problem that a man does not want to face but have to face, since its harm for men is very big, whether physically or mentally. So do you know what causes impotence in men?

Six bad habits that are most likely to lead to impotence in men are as follows.

1.Wear too tight jeans

We all know skinny jeans are great for flattering our bodies, but when we wear too tight jeans all the time, it will be easy to lead to impotent. Since when we are wearing tight jeans, our private parts will be tightly suppressed, which will make the genitals uncomfortable and cause congestion. In addition, jeans are usually airtight, which can lead to damp and wet situation for bacterial growth. So it will easily lead to impotence in the long run.

2.Put the cell phone in the pocket of pants

As a man, do you often put your cell phone in your pants pocket? The pocket of pants is the closest place to our private parts, and put the phone into the pocket will let the phone close to our private parts. In this case, the radiation emitted by the phone can be very easy to harm our private parts, leading to impotence in the long run. Of course, playing the cell phone for a long time will also affect people’s work and rest, so be sure to control the time of playing the cell phone, and don’t be a slave to the cell phone.

3.Often get angry

Getting angry easily is more likely to damage our liver, but many people don’t know that getting angry can also lead to impotence in men. According to many studies, those who are more easily becoming angry are very likely to get declined in sexual ability, and in more serious cases, it will also lead to impotence. Anger is a negative emotion, and when you need to vent it, it hurts others. So it is important to maintain a positive and peaceful attitude at ordinary times.

4.Excessively masturbate

Masturbation is a common form of sexual behavior among men. Proper masturbation can relieve physical and mental stress and regulate urinary system health. But men should avoid excessive masturbation, which can lead to impotence over time. Besides, excessively masturbation can also lead to bad effects on the body health, leading to problems like prostatitis or other urinary problems.

5.Smoke for a long periods of time

Regular smokers take smoking for granted. They may feel that they are not smoking, while they see it as a breathing act. But both you and me know that the smoking is bad for the body health. Not only does smoking harm our respiratory system, it also affects our blood circulation, narrowing our blood vessels and leading to erectile dysfunction in men. As a result, it will cause impotence as time ticks away. Therefore, if you are in the habit of smoking, try to give it up as much as you can.

6.Take drugs at will

Many men take aphrodisiacs to improve their sex experience. Although taking these drugs can improve the quality of your sex life, it also leads to many side effects. Doctors say that these drugs affect sperm activity when they enter the body. So it is not suggested that men rely on drugs for too long. Actually, male charm can be achieved through physical exercise. So male friends can do more exercise at ordinary times, which is also conducive to enhance sexual ability and improve physical health. The often recommended options about physical exercise are running, jumping, plank, push-ups and so on.

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