Health Care Principle of Prostatitis in Winter

Health Care Principle of Prostatitis in Winter

The prostate gland is the largest accessory gonad in men, which has internal and external secretion. Although the prostate is small, it brings many problems and troubles to men. Statistics show that more than 72% of men do not know that prostate disease will affect the quality of male sperm. More than half of the men have experienced frequent micturition, urgency, and pain. More than 80% of the men said that repeated prostatitis attacks make them physically and mentally damaged and miserable.

Patients with prostatitis must first find the cause before treatment. If the patient is due to bacterial infection caused by prostate disease, it is recommended that patients with antibiotic drugs for treatment. Suppose the patient is due to the habits and habits of life caused by prostatitis. In that case, most of them are nonbacterial prostatitis, and patients can take herbal medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms and the cause without recurrence.

Besides medical treatment, males should do an excellent job in prostatitis health care.

First, keep exercising. Exercise can promote blood circulation, improve the body’s cold resistance and immunity.

Secondly, pay attention to local warmth. People with a history of chronic prostatitis should change into thick pants when the temperature drops suddenly to keep the perineum and small abdomen warm and dry

Before going to bed at night: Use a warm water bag in the perineum repeatedly massage or hot water sitz bath for about 15 minutes to reduce pelvic muscle tension, smooth excretion of urine and reduce urination pressure .

But the hot water hip bath method is only suitable for older, fertile men. Otherwise, it will have adverse effects on the testis.

Again, don’t sit too long and don’t sit in a cold chair. Sedentary can cause prostatic congestion, aggravate dysuria, should get up from time to time activity. Some people are tired of walking and like to rest on the cold chairs on the roadside or in the park. Especially when it’s freezing in the morning and evening, there is dew on the chair. Even if you only sit for two or three minutes, it will affect the prostate. It is suggested that when patients with chronic prostatitis go out or take a bus, they should bring a thin pad.

Finally, eat more food to keep out the cold. Drink more milk, eat more bean products, animal liver, beef, and mutton, can enhance cold resistance.

Four principles of diet for prostatitis in winter

  1. Limit fat intake: according to the research of scientists in many countries, the more high-fat food you eat, the higher the incidence of prostate cancer. Men should reduce to fat intake less than 20% of the total calories to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer;
  2. Drink more water to promote urination: the flushing of urine on the urethra can help the excretion of prostate secretion and help prevent the occurrence of repeated infection. Therefore, patients should pay attention to drinking more water, frequent urination. At the same time, eat more food with the function of dredging collaterals and diuresis. Also, keep the stool unobstructed to avoid constipation;
  3. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and irritating food. Men can eat more fruits and vegetables, including apples. Lycopene research of natural tomatoes has proved that it is also suitable for the prostate. Besides, men can eat other foods containing zinc, such as pig liver, shrimp, shellfish, laver, sesame, peanut, etc., to improve sperm motility.
  4. Eat more vitamin-rich food. Vitamin supplement is an important measure to ensure the early recovery of patients with prostatitis. Especially vitamin E supplement can effectively regulate the male gonadal function, enhance sperm motility, and relieve the sexual dysfunction symptoms. Also, vitamin C supplements are necessary, effectively enhancing the body’s immunity and having an excellent antiviral effect.

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