The right food at the right time - The formula for long life

The Right Food at the Right Time – The Formula for Long Life

There are different requirements in our bodies as we move through different stages of life. A varied diet is recommended for everyone, regardless of age. To be fit and healthy, our body needs change in the variation of food. To meet the body’s nutritional needs, you should consume a wide variety of food that is plant-derived that can protect against cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and essential minerals which have iron, calcium, minerals, etc.
One should also consume adequate protein for cell maintenance and repair. A diet that contains fruits, vegetables, legumes, and dairy foods can meet daily basic requirements. When you want to stay youthful and healthy, you have to take very good care of yourself. If you keep discovering new things, you will keep yourself motivated throughout your life. Here are the stages of life where one should keep in mind what to have:

Food for babies

Babies from six to twelve years are fed with liquid food which includes nutritional and development needs. Different culture has its own tradition about food which they start to serve the baby. Milk bottles or breastfeeding is introduced at first. For maintaining body nutrients:

  1. Fruit juice is preferable which avoids sugar-sweetened.
  2. Adding salt, sugar or honey should not be given to babies
  3. Food that is rich in iron and zinc example, iron-enriched cereals.
  4. Avoid whole nuts to reduce the risk of choking.
  5. Feed babies during illness

Food for young children

Once the baby starts eating solid food, they should be provided with a wide range of food that offers a variety of nutrients. Young children are very choosy with food as they explore a wide variety of tastes. Appropriate weight gain, development in the body, and proper movement of the body indicate whether the food intake is correct or not. It also indicates whether the child has any kind of allergic symptoms with any kind of food.

Recommendation regarding food includes the following:

  1. If a child is gaining excess weight at a very tender age, it will affect them in long run. So to avoid it you should take care of energy-dense in the body and nutrient-poor snack food.
  2. Sugary food and soft drinks should be avoided.
  3. Regular brushing habits to avoid tooth decay.
  4. Enough amount of water should be consumed to keep the body hydrated.

Teenage child

Once the child moves into adolescence period, it needs plenty of nutrients and minerals.

Some recommendations include:

  1. Dosage of fruits, legumes, dairy products, and cereals
  2. Yoghurt, cheese, and milk are important for the growth and development of bones.
  3. Cheese should have a low rate of salt, so eat less.
  4. Girls should particularly consume milk and other dairy products.
  5. Fish, meat, eggs, chicken are essential with nutrient-dense foods.

Young adults

Once they start moving out of the house either for studies or job, they experience a different phase of life; there is a change in lifestyle. So, one has to be very particular about food habits:-
The recommendations include:

  1. Alcohol intake should be limited or avoided fully.
  2. Reduce the number of fats and salt as it turns out to be very massive for some people.
  3. Healthy eating habits that have an enriched amount of minerals, vitamins, and calcium should be taken.
  4. Sugary food intake should be very limited.

Food for pregnant women

During the phase of pregnancy, women are expected to gain weight of 10 to 13 kg. In this period nutrients intake should be increased and regular check-ups with the doctor should be done to avoid any kind of problems related to health. Some important things to consider during pregnancy are:-

  1. Dieting should be avoided as it could result in a negative impact on the child.
  2. Concentration should be more on quality rather than quantity.
  3. Craving for sour food becomes a part of pregnancy, so don’t kill your craving or replace it with any other nutritional diet.
  4. Glass of milk is very important for the mother and the child, so there should be a regular intake of milk in a day.
  5. Vitamin C and iron intake should be increased for oxygen transport in the body and increase iron consumption in the food.
  6. Iodine is important for the regular growth and development of the child.
  7. Junk food should be limited as it is not good for the baby. To satisfy the taste bud, you can tell someone to make it at home for better health.
  8. Consumption of alcohol and other bad addiction food habits should be avoided.

Food for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding mothers should know what sort of food habits they consume as they have to breastfeed the child. A significant amount of energy is needed to breastfeed the child. To get that extra amount of energy nutrient-dense food should be consumed.


  1. Intake of maximum fresh foods (green vegetables)
  2. Drinking freshly cut fruit juice and other favourite fruits during that season.
  3. To keep the body hydrated; drinking mineral water for extra energy is needed.
  4. Women should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking habits as it would give a bad effect on the child.

Food for older people

As people get old, they tend to eat less. It becomes hard for old age people to get all the right proportion of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein in the diet.

Recommendations include:

  1. Eat eggs, fish, meat, low-fat dairy product, and legumes.
  2. Consumption of vegetables and fruits is needed.
  3. Homemade juice as it becomes easy to swallow and easily absorbed by the body.


There are lots of benefits if proper nutrients are provided to the body. One of the main reasons is to stay healthy and fit. Living longer and staying stronger sharpen the mind and boost the energy within. One should always keep in mind the right food at right time to feelbetter.

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