3 Yoga Asanas For Healthy Weight Loss

The modern lifestyle means being healthy is a challenge. The junk food we eat while under stress gives us an unhealthy body. The worst part is the fat disposition due to eating junk foods. The fat gets deposited around the tummy and thighs. This increases the risk of lifestyle diseases like heart problems and diabetes. The reduction of tummy and thigh fat is extremely difficult, especially if you are not fond of running and exercising. Yoga is the solution to this problem. You can go for 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to take a wholesome experience. Here though yoga poses which reduce weight and fat are discussed.

Warrior Poses – This is known as Virabhadrasana in Yogic tradition. This pose helps tone muscles of arms, thighs, and back. The pose starts with standing straight with legs apart. Now the hands have to be brought above the head and stretch. Once the hands are above and stretched bring them together in a salutation pose. Bend the right knee stretching the abdominal muscles. Repeat the pose from the right and left the side for great results. This pose helps reduce body fat especially around the thighs and tummy and is one of the best poses for the purpose of reducing weight. Another variation of this pose is to stretch the hands on the sides while starching legs in a similar manner as above.

Chair Pose – Also known as Uttanasana this yoga pose is the best thigh exercise. The pose is like sitting in a chair without the actual chair to support. While doing this pose pain might develop in the thigh region. But if you continue the practice pain will vanish. In this pose, feet are together and bend the knee a little all while inhaling. Stretch your hands by raising it above the head. Try and hold the position for as long as you can. The duration of the hold will increase with practice. This pose tones down the thighs and also melts the tummy fat.

Boat Poses – Sit on the mat and stretch the legs. Now pull up the knees keeping the thighs tight and toes pointed out. Now slowly lift your legs and try bringing it to a 45-degree angle. Inhale while raising the feet and prevent bending of the knees. The body should make a “V” shape. This pose increases stamina reduces fat and strengthens the upper and lower body.

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