7 Proven Ways To Bring Back Intimacy In A Relationship
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7 Proven Ways To Bring Back Intimacy In A Relationship

What is more important in sustaining a long-term relationship: romance or intimacy?

While you may think they are the same, there is a difference between them. Romance usually occurs in the beginning stages of the relationship. It encompasses words and gestures that make you fall in love.

Intimacy brings the relationship deeper. It includes physical intimacy and emotional intimacy that strengthens bonds and establishes trust. In intimate relationships, partners feel secure, close, connected and supported. They can share their thoughts and feelings with their partners.

The high-level intimacy not only keeps you happier but also helps you to survive through the toughest times of life. It improves the overall health of the relationship and works as a stress buster.

A lack of intimacy is the cause as well as the effect of anger and conflicting issues in a family. According to John Gottman, criticism and contempt are the primary factors affecting intimacy. If you also feel that the affinity in your relationship is decreasing, then take the necessary steps to bring intimacy back into your relationship as soon as possible.

Seek the advice of a relationship counselor. Some therapists provide workshops and Gottman retreat for couples to deepen intimacy and manage the conflicts.

Here we are going to introduce some tips which can help you to maintain intimacy in the relationship. Read on to find out more.

How To Bring Back Emotional Intimacy?

  • Make Time For Deep Emotional Talks

Deep conversations can foster emotional intimacy. So, it’s vital to take out time for emotional talks. Take a break from thinking about office tension or household chores. Give some quality time to your spouse. Sharing thoughts and feelings at the end of the day makes you feel more closer to your partner.

  • Practice Non-Judgemental Listening

Do not constantly assess or evaluate your partner when he or she is speaking. Listening without judgement can really boost the emotional connection of your relationship. According to Dr. Yesel Yoon, a psychologist in New York City, most people remain so busy with listening to the background noise of their judgmental thoughts that they are not able to hear their partner’s words.

  • Express Gratitude To Your Partner For Little Things

Expressing gratitude even on little things is the best way to show your love and affection towards your partner. Include “Thank You” and “I love you” in your daily conversations to show appreciation to your partner.    

  • Try New Things Together

The research has shown that learning new things together can strengthen the emotional bonds between spouses. You can try anything new: attend cooking classes or participate in a new sport. This rekindles the spark in the relationship and makes you feel like a team.

How To Bring Back Physical Intimacy?

  • Take Out Time To Spend With Your Partner

As per the research of John Gottman, “Every positive activity couple does together is a kind of foreplay.” So, spend time with your partner and do some fun activities. Flirt, laugh and have fun.

  • Vary The Kind Of Sex

Sex needs may change with time. Therefore, break up the routine and try some new things. You can try new sex positions or places to keep your sex-life healthy and exciting.

  • Put Sex On Priority

Many couples put sex far down on their priority list. This increases stress levels and harms emotional intimacy. Making sex a priority in your relationship builds and maintains physical connection.

The Bottom Line -:

Building an intimate relationship is not easy, especially when other responsibilities demand your time and attention. But the effort will be well worth it.

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