Choosing The Right Breast Implant Size!

The decision to get a breast augmentation surgery requires an in-depth discussion about the factors that will give you the desired results. One of the major factors is choosing the right implant size – an implant that is just right for you, neither small, nor too large. It is one of the most important and personal decision in the process of breast augmentation surgery.

These days, there is a wide range of implant sizes which deliver amazing results for your body type. But the right option depends on several factors. Moreover, breast size can affect your life in terms of social interactions, relationships, and even physical well-being. Make sure you have adequate resources and guidance before you jump to undergo the knife to increase the size of your bust!

Size Does Matter!

If you have decided to have breast enhancement surgery, be sure of how you wish to look after the surgery. Even though bigger is better, many women forget to understand the equation of your body type and the breast size you choose. So, it is very important to choose the right breast implant size. This will not only help you look your best but also enhance your lifestyle.

Let us discuss why the body equation is important before you proceed with the surgery.

You might crave natural-looking results from the surgery, but the newly enhanced breasts should be proportional to your frame. To achieve this, your current size and the rib cage must be taken into account. Let your plastic surgeon measure your breast diameter and the tissue thickness to determine whether you have enough volume to accommodate the implant size you desire to have. If the implants are too large, they may show through your skin or your breasts may droop prematurely from lack of support.

Another piece of the puzzle is the overall size of the frame. In case you are thin with a small frame, opting for too large implants can make you look unnatural and top-heavy. In such a scenario, you should opt for a moderate-sized implant. Contrary to this, if you have a well-defined waist and hips with a curvaceous frame, you might choose a larger implant size. In this case, the large size will give you a more proportionate look and maintain a pleasing hourglass figure.

The quest does not end here. Hold on! Your lifestyle also plays an important role while considering getting a breast augmentation. For instance, if you have a very active lifestyle being an athlete, larger breasts will get in the way. During certain sports, the larger breasts can add weight and cause you back pain or shoulder pain. It can also affect your balance. Considering this, you should opt for a modest implant size that will enhance your figure while you enjoy your super-active lifestyle.The right plastic surgeon will help you sort through all the variables involved in planning your breast enhancement journey.

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