Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Prostatitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in andrology, most of which are chronic. And chronic prostatitis is curable. Generally, men can get rid of prostatitis through drug therapy, the necessary physical therapy, psychological counseling, and sexual behavior guidance.

When you suspect that you have prostatitis, you should first go to a regular hospital’s specialist clinic and state all your symptoms to the doctor. After summarizing the data collected as far as possible, the doctor will determine whether the patient has done a prostatic fluid test and further prostatic fluid culture to determine the disease’s diagnosis and treatment.

However, in the long-term clinical observation, it is found that some patients have the following misunderstandings in the treatment of prostatitis.

Mistake 1: take medicine without examination

Many patients are aware of the symptoms of prostatitis after self-medication. Think as long as it is inflammation, take anti-inflammatory drugs on the line. It is not right, and sometimes it will make the disease worse. Some patients with prostatitis will have symptoms of a painful urination. In this case, men should also consider the possibility of urinary tract infection. Therefore, it is suggested that men should go to the hospital for a routine urine test and prostate fluid test and use drugs systematically after making a precise diagnosis.

In addition to actively cooperate with the doctor in comprehensive and systematic regular treatment, patients should also have a correct understanding of the disease. They should avoid exaggerating the harmfulness and mystery of the disease and avoid belittling the simple remedy.

Mistake 2: pay attention to the results of laboratory examination, despise their symptoms

Such patients often mistakenly think that laboratory test results are abnormal, indicating that the disease is severe. If there is no problem with the test results, everything will be OK even if there are symptoms. It is a kind of misunderstanding. The laboratory examination results are significant, but after all, they are used as an additional reference for the diagnosis of diseases, mainly based on symptoms.

Men should not be worried when they take comprehensive treatment such as psychological counseling and drugs, and the symptoms are eliminated. After all, the results of laboratory tests and signs of discomfort will not disappear at the same time. Generally speaking, people will have discomfort symptoms first and then have abnormal laboratory examinations. Symptoms disappear after treatment, laboratory examination index may continue for some time, and then slowly tend to be normal.

Also, after a period of treatment, the white blood cells in prostatic fluid decreased to normal. The bacterial culture again turned negative. Most of the symptoms have disappeared, but they still feel discomfort, so they should carefully analyze and treat them differently. If accompanied by other diseases, treat them separately.

Mistake 3: Western medicine treatment is more straightforward than traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and the curative effect is rapid and obvious

Although chronic prostatitis has the word “inflammation,” it does not mean that a bacterial infection causes all patients with prostatitis. On the contrary, many patients tend to have nonbacterial prostatitis. Bacterial prostatitis naturally adopts antibiotic anti-inflammatory treatment. However, not all diseases can be quickly treated by western medicine, and not all symptoms of all diseases can be solved by anti-inflammatory alone.

Western medicine generally uses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory methods to treat. For the “swelling” and “pain” symptoms, anti-inflammatory strategies can barely get rid of them, but they can not solve the “falling” symptoms. It has been proved that most of the symptoms of chronic prostatitis can be effectively eliminated by TCM treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Chronic prostatitis is cured, but it can still recur in cold, fatigue, or unclean diet. Therefore, to make prostatitis a cure without recurrence or reduce recurrence, patients should start from life bit by bit and develop good health habits. Pay attention to sexual health at ordinary times and timely and active treatment after the diagnosis. Besides, actively participate in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.