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Healthy Diet Tips for Glowing Skin

What we put inside our mouth can play a vital role in ensuring how healthy and fit we feel from inside.

The sun, pollution, hormones, stress and unhealthy food can take a toll on skin and make you more prone to pigmentation and acne.

The worst part is that most of us get confused and we end up falling for the tall claims of the skincare products that have taken over the market by storm.

The lack of knowledge and total state of desperation – all act in sync for us as a result of which we end up investing lots of money in products that are an utter disappointment!

That is why you won’t be able to get the skin of your dreams by just relying on just the skincare products. You also need to concentrate on the other factors and your diet tops the list in that case.

Not taking ample amount of water, having unhealthy foods repeatedly or not maintaining the right time interval between food intake can all wreak havoc on your skin.

Here is a guide that will help you to maintain your diet and look after your skin.

Opt for Cooked Tomatoes – Tomatoes contain lycopene which is a phytochemical that is responsible the red colour of the tomatoes. This also fights off the oxidising impact of the UV rays by doing away with the skin-ageing free radicals. Cooked tomatoes further enhance the lycopene level and so tomato ketchup and sauce all protect the skin from sunburn to a great extent.
Take Almonds and Sunflower Seeds – The nuts and seeds are enriched with vitamin E. The anti-oxidants act like an army that protect the skin from damaging agents like pollution and UV rays. But vitamin E is highly contained in the top layers of the skin that guard the outer membrane of the skin and thus the cells stay protected and healthy. Plus water is held in the strong membranes that keeps the skin hydrated. Go for 23 almonds on a daily basis or 2 spoons (Table) of hulled seeds for best results.

Drink Lots of Water – One thing that you may have heard several times in the last few years is that the habit of drinking gallons of water can prove to be immensely beneficial for the skin. Hydration is key for the radiant glow. Also have lots of veggies and fruits that have high content of water like cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, cantaloupe and grapefruit. Doing so also enhances the health of the skin.

Go for Leafy Greens and Veggies that Are Red and Dark Orange – Beta-carotene happens to be a part carotenoid which gives the red and orange veggies like sweet potato and squash. This also comes with antioxidant powers. The beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A by the body which regulates the cell production and turnover. This ensures that the surface of the skin remains smooth. The carotenoids like lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene protect and repair the damage that the sun does to the skin. Despite their colour, the dark leafy greens like kale and spinach are excellent sources of beta-carotene. Opt for 1 cup servings thrice a day to make the most of these vegetables.

Have a Balanced Diet – Have all the major nutrients and try to include more fibres while cutting down on the starch. The starchy carbs have long sugar molecules that are responsible for making the body and skin age prematurely. Fill the plate with more veggies that are fibre rich. They also have a good effect on the levels of blood sugar. The antioxidant veggies that induce natural glow in the skin are also seen to have a positive effect on the levels of blood sugar.

Foods that You Should Avoid – Here are some of the foods that you should keep out of your plate. These include –

          a) Processed and junk foods 
          b) Spicy foods 
          c) Oily and unhygienic foods 
          d) High-sugar and High-sodium foods 
          e) Estrogen-rich foods 
          f) Partially-charred foods that are Over-cooked like kebabs
          g) Foods increasing the internal body temperature 

Now once you start following these dietary tips, you should also opt for anti-wrinkle cream and eye cream for dark circles apart from following a regular CTM (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising) routine. Only then you can retain a beautiful, flawless and glowing skin for a long time to come.

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