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What is Natural Home Remedies to Get Crystal Clear Skin

Honey is an incredible element that can do wonders for your skin!

It is a delicious golden liquid, which can make your skin just beyond your imagination. Read ahead to know more.

Honey is the secret of beautiful skin from ancient time. Women of that time use honey into their daily skin care regimen. Honey is a natural moisturiser as well as a natural antiseptic. It not only keeps your skin soft and healthy but also make it clear.

My experience: I have already mentioned in my previous blogs that how I was fighting with my acne, pimples and their stubborn scars.

I tried in every possible way to get rid of this skin disaster but all in vain. I am getting a new pimple daily. One day, I saw a video regarding the benefits of honey and wallah!!! I thanked that day daily…..

How to use:

It’s a simple method. Just take coin size honey(any of your choice) In your palm and dab on your face. Don’t use too much; just a

coin size honey is enough for your face. Leave it for 30-40 minutes then wash it off. However, it depends on you. If you have enough time, you can leave it for an hour or more. Sometimes you feel itching after applying this but believe me, it is not bad at all, because everything is fair in beauty and fashion!!!


It does wonder on my skin. My pimples and blemishes have gone. My skin has become soft and supple and believe me, it shines like a crystal these days. Give it a try, and surely you will going to love this.

So, Go and Grab a bottle of Honey today!

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