Things That You Should Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

Things That You Should Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

Excruciating pain and the inability to walk or do simple things are some of the things that you are unable to do when you have knee problems or injury. Though many treatments can help you in recovering from knee injury or pain, some people prefer to get knee replacement surgery done. This helps them to cure their pain permanently.

If you are planning to visit Delhi to get the surgery done for your knee, then you should be aware of certain things before the surgery. You can also get information from the doctors who will be doing your knee replacement surgery in Noida. Here are the things that you need to know about the surgery.

The Surgery may not be Meant for You

Many people rush into getting the surgery done for the knee because they want to get rid of the pain and discomfort. However, surgery is only required if the condition of the knee is very bad and cannot be improved with the initial medication and exercise.

An unwanted surgery of the knee can further weaken your joints leading to further medical issues as you age. Hence, it is advisable that you start with regular exercise and prescribed medication to improve your condition. If you are suffering from arthritis, then the best thing is to be active and regularly exercise.

Surgery can be a Painful Procedure

Many people consider the surgery to relieve the knee pain that they are suffering. However, the first few weeks of the recovery period post the surgery can be difficult. You may experience pain and difficulty in walking. In the first two days, you can expect your knee to be very painful and may need to take medication to reduce the pain. The pain may also continue for a longer period if you have medical conditions such as diabetes.

Be Prepared for a Longer Recovery Period

For any kind of knee surgery will take around 3 months before it starts healing. These 3 months involve many visits to the hospital or your doctor’s clinic, witnessing swelling, pain, restricted movement, medication, etc. You would also need to wear a protective cap to ensure that your knee does not get damaged post the surgery. It also helps in giving support to your knee. If you are getting surgery in Noida, then the doctors who are performing your ACL surgery in Noida will be able to guide to on how to take care of your knee initially.

Getting Physiotherapy is Not Always Necessary

Once you have gone through the surgery, it is not necessary that you need to get physiotherapy done. Many experienced doctors believe that physiotherapy in the initial stages of the surgery can only lead to more pain and suffering. The therapy should only be done if it is very necessary. Physiotherapy is only required when you have met with severe knee injury due to which the surgery was done. Doctors generally recommend medication along with the normal movement to keep your knee active.

Use Ice Packs on Your Knee

If you have got a knee surgery done, then you should keep an ice pack ready at all times to keep your swelling down. It also helps in reducing the pain that you would have developed after the surgery. This will help you in increasing your movement around the house. But make sure that you keep your knee straight and elevated when you are using the ice pack.

Do Not Depend on Your Medication

Post any surgery, medicines are a relief and you want more of it because you want to lead a painless time. But having too many medicines can lead to many mental conditions such as hallucination, nausea, addiction, etc. Hence, it is best to avoid medicines when you do not need it.

Need to Change your Footwear

Wearing the right footwear is very important to keep your knee healthy. Once you have got your surgery done, make sure to check with your doctor on what kind of footwear you would need to wear. This will ensure to keep your knee healthy and recover faster.

Check for Information Before Knee Replacement Surgery

Before you plan your surgery, make sure that you have checked for all the necessary information related to it. The nursing homes and hospitals that perform these surgeries in Noida are well experienced and can guide you and prepare you before the surgery.

Know the Technology Used for ACL Surgery

Before you get your knee replacement surgery done, make sure that you check on the technology that is being used. This will help you in understanding how complicated and difficult your surgery will be and how painful it will be.

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