Water Conservation – The Best Ways to Save Water

I find it amazing in these days of information technology that quite a number of my compatriots and countrymen don’t have a clue about water conservation and how to help with it. Some of my first graders know more than their parents.

We are so fortunate in Canada for the abundance of the water we have but we need to look after it. There is more and more drain on our resources that we are not preparing for. I believe we are failing in the stewardship of our waters. They are a global gift not to be squandered, did you know that only 1% of Earths water is drinkable and look how we use it. After the United States, Canada is using more water per head than any other country in the world!! This water is finite folks, we need to get on board with conservation and do our bit we cannot leave it all to the government. Here are some ideas that we can implement in our homes:

i) Stop running water to reach a hotter or colder temperature. So much waste, keep water in the fridge to keep cool. Install an instant heater for your water, an on-demand or re-circulating system.

ii) Take shorter showers!

iii) Harvest rainwater – this can be as simple as a barrel or as complex as an underground storage system – the Californians have some sophisticated systems maybe we should be establishing them up here, what do you think?

iv)  Check for leaks and stop them – simple! A leak of one drop per second could fill 85 baths in a year.

v) Install a low flush toilet

vi) Water the garden before 9 am to reduce evaporation. Use collected rainwater for plants and potters not tap.

vii) Wash the car with sponge and bucket, not a hose or power washer.

viii) Turn off the taps when brushing your teeth or shaving.


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