Craving Sugar? The Science Behind Your Sweet Tooth

You are old, even at this age, you like to eat sweets or candies, and this is the deisre that has been in you since childhood. Think calmly as you are alone why do you still like to eat sweets, also ask yourself why sweet has impressed you so much. When you were young, of all the tastes, sweet was the best taste to your tongue, heart, and mind, and what controls these organs, goes on and on, and that is the reason why you still crave for sugary or sweet dishes. Everybody remembers the first hot experience of chilly and bitter, but sugar they know all about it both pros and cons and still take it and some do even when they have diabetes. And they do it behind your back, spy them.

Let us dive deep or deeper to know why sugar controls us, why we cannot take off our eyes from pastries, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, there is a reason or not, does it really control our tongue or mind, you will know about it in the following study.

It’s true that you have the sweet tooth, that is not your fault because you crave for sweets, and that is also not your fault either. What you crave for depends on biological and psychological aspects, and do not blame to your tongue always which creates water in your mouth, and also do not blame to your brain which constitutes of different parts, yes it is true that the brain is responsible, but which part of the brain, the answer to this is Insula. Yes, Insula is in the brain which lies on the two sides and becomes responsive to what you taste or eat for the first time. Who transmits what happens in the Insula from the brain to your tongue, it is done by Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. So next time when you crave sugar, you can say that Insula and Dopamine are responsible and not the five words “I cannot stop eating sugar.” Should we say Insula is a memory, but what kind of memory, it is a long term memory as well as a short memory. Besides Insula and Dopamine, there is also another part of the brain responsible for this, and its name is Hippocampus. What it is really, you can call it a memory box? It really stores the taste of what you eat first time.

If you take in a low protein diet, this will also lead you sugar craving, and this is what the expert says. Unfortunately for a person who is on a diet, his or her body craves for energy, and this can be only gotten from sugar. Craving for the sugar equals avoiding sugar, in a simple language, it means if you are staying on the protein and fat diets during the the first few days of dieting, craving is what you experience. Do you also want to know why you crave for sugar even though you do not take it, you know sugar has high calorie which will make you obese and to avoid obesity, you take artificial sweeteners, the more you take this type of sweeteners, the more you crave for sugar.

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